Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Who Keeps Deleting My Posts?

Someone or something keeps deleting my posts. If anyone out there knows why it's happening please let me know either by sending me an email or posting a comment.


PS I back them all up so I'll keep posting them until I find a reason why they are being removed.


Sid said...

I've had the same problem, a couple of my posts that i published have vanished for no apparent reason. very annoying!


Jal said...

Thanks Sid, I was starting to get paranoid.

Sid said...

I got an email from blogger the other day saying something about how i violated some terms and conditions, hence why some of my posts have been removed. It seems to happen when I post mp3s, however not all the time which is confusing and annoying lol.

Chris said...

happened to me twice lately... seems like Blogger is crawling through the blogs and looking for copyright-protected material. Shame that they don't even give you the chance to remove the said files by request, they just delete the post. Best thing is that one of the files wasn't even on the net anymore...

I recommend BloggerBackup which let's you export all your posts into XML, and easily repost again. Here's a link:

Don't forget to remove any MP3s that might be copyrighted! ;)