Friday, 15 May 2020

Bonus Playlist

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As I'm listening to more music and less podcasts at the moment due to less commutes and more exercise in my garage I've got a bonus playlist for you.

Uptown - Ivory Wave
The above shirts were made by Ivory Wave and sold out straight away with profits going to the NHS. I was not aware of this at all as I listened to their cracking track Uptown. 

Six Days In June - The Fratellis
The more I listen to The Fratellis the more I enjoy them, this is another cracking track, I really must go and see them live, well when I can. While I'm at it, I'm going to bang on again about what an amazing track Me and the Devil is. It's from their Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied album in 2016. Two amazing tracks that you should be checking out NOW!

Fatboy Slim - The Snuts
The next big thing, The Snuts really caught my ear with this one and not because I'm a fan of all things Norman Cook (I am) but this is a great track in its own right.

Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good) - Mini Mansions
I've no idea where I came across this song. A rock and pop crossover this fast paced track gets you but there's no one hook apart from the track as a whole. This LA band have had collaborations with bands such as The Kills front woman Alison Mosshart and Alex Turner of The Artic Monkeys (on Vertigo). 

Hard To Tell You - Modernlove
This track from Ireland's Modernlove sits perfectly next to a Blossoms track, a catchy pop tune 

Deleter - Grouplove
When you look at the number of listens some bands get on Spotify I was surprised by how popular Grouplove are, I'm guessing more in the States. This is another corker of a single from the American band with a slight UK influence.

Petty Drone - Mystery Jets
I'm really enjoying the new material from Mystery Jets, there are at least five quality tracks on their album. There's something about this song, every time I listen to it I find something new. The lyrics are great and something seems to chime with me not matter what mood I'm in
"Over-sexed, triple X, baby
Polarized, desensitized
And hyper-normalized
Stuck inside a simulation
Of your imagination
You can't cancel, change the channel
Or change the station"

If You Think This Is Real Life - Blossoms
Stockport's Blossoms (a wink back to a post from Neil some time back) were the last band I saw live and the title alone gets on any Coronavirus playlist. The album may be middle of the road but it's hit after hit.

Van Horn - Saint Motel
The band who seem to just write catching tunes with adverts in mind are back again with, yes another catchy tune.

Come On Out With It - The Airbourne Toxic Event
This isn't my favourite track of theirs but it's good to have them back with some new content. Check out their 2011 album All At Once, it's worth it.

Rub Some Bacon On It - Rhett & Link
Always good to have a track that makes you smile. These guys would have the coronavirus sorted in two minutes. A guilty pleasure if ever there was one...

Think - The Magic Gang
I saw these guys live in Bath just before lockdown. Great energy and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Hannah, You're Amazing - Halloweens
Halloweens are made up of Justin and Timothy from The Vaccines. Something I did not know. When you're listening to this track imagine if you're called Hannah or you've just fallen in love with someone called Hannah, this would be awesome. Very catchy, shame about swearing as it doesn't help when playing around the little ones.

Texas Drums, Pt. 1 - Pottery
More effing and jeffing in this one. Introduced to me by my good friend Neil, he knew I'd like this. He wasn't wrong.

Wonderland - Caravan Palace
My Sister's favourite band as far as I can work out. They're a French band and this is an excellent release of theirs from 2015.

The Love You Give - Vistas
I thought Like An American was going to be the only track I was going 

Body Was Made - Ezra Furman
If you've been watching Sex Education on Netflix you would be aware of the great soundtrack and in particular Ezra Furman who has contributed enough of the tracks to have an album from them. Has he got a track that matches the excellent Love You So Bad? Well nearly with this one.

Truly Freaking Out - Tim Kasher
I'd never heard of Tim Kasher before so when I Googled him and it tried to autocomplete with "Tim Kasher Net Worth" I thought it must be a different one but it turns out he's had successful stints with Cursive and The Good Life - no me neither but they have put out a ton of content so it's more my poor music knowledge I guess. This is his solo material although he originally planned for The Good Life to be a solo project. 

In My Element - The Clause
It's no surprise this band were supposed to be supporting the Pidgeon Detectives. The Brummy band have got their catchy guitar riffs down, whether they are different enough from what has come before remains to be seen but I really like this one.

Saturday - Sam Fender
From Hypersonic Missiles and swallowing the media pill to this well written track about waiting for Saturday. This must have been a great piece to work on, getting those lyrics down must have been very satisfying.I get the feeling he won't be writing lyrics like this for long:
"Inhabitable hole, skint, living like an animal
While they try to take my dole
Black mold on the wall, must've made a thousand calls to get it sorted
But my landlord hates my soul"

Bad Decisions - The Strokes
It's always nice to have The Strokes back and while I've not been particularly fussed about their other new stuff I have enjoyed this lead single.

Caution - The Killers
Although The Stokes and The Killers amongst others on this playlist don't fit the WWWTM heading, I'm sharing what I'm listening to at the moment hoping you might find some tracks you've missed. This is a classic styled Killers track.

OCD - Fitz and the Tantrums
If you can get past their band name, I think FatT are really good. Somehow I've come up as one of their top 1% listeners or something like that on Spotify. Well they're catchy, I would do wouldn't I?!

Hanging Off Your Cloud - Courteeners
I've been waiting for Courteeners to return to form, pretty much since their first album. However I guess they'll never return to the same style but this is quality from the band and I've enjoyed some more off the album. It sticks with you well after it has stopped playing. 

Autumnsong - The Manic Street Preachers
I'm not sure how this song passed me by, released back in 2007 but I came across it on Spotify recently and I really like it.

Pamela - The Kooks
I was a bit slow to this one, another discovery through Spotify from 2018.

Family Tree - Kyle Falconer
This track from The View lead singer's solo work is so catchy I was convinced it was a cover. I've never looked in to Kyle before but he seems like a proper rock n roll front man, thrown off planes, so drunk he can't continue the bands' sets, it's not really reflected in this song that's for sure.

John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
This track makes me think of my good friend Jim who lives on the other side of the world in New Zealand. He was always a big fan of The Beatles and I could just imagine him enjoying this track.

Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
I discovered this from watching American Pie The Reunion (again), a proper pop song this.

The Good Life - Hassahn Phenomenon
From the closing titles of the same film, I get the feeling this is his one and only break. They've even added the film to the song title. Yet it's only had 62k plays. A good track for spinning or training to. Looking at his Twitter profile he has his fingers in many pies and listening to The Go (feat. Emilio Bucks) he has a broad range of influences with this more like hip hop and closer to Eminem.