Sunday, 18 March 2012

Best of Bootie

While Schonberg takes a holiday, I thought I'd (belatedly) give you my yearly nod towards Bootie the self proclaimed "Biggest Bootleg Mashup Party In The World". Each year they compile their 'Best of' mixtape covering the best mashups from the previous year. Now anyone who has come across mashups in the past knows there's an element of cheese to them, they don't take themselves seriously and, while there is an element of art and skill to them, they don't provide ground breaking music. However, they can be immense fun and breathe new life in to an old song or make an new hit more likeable.

The two I have picked out from this year's compilation do exactly that, mix new with old and produce something new, and that's the way to approach them. They become new tracks that you learn from new despite their familiarity. The titles tell you all you need to know. Try them and I hope you like them. Check out the rest of the year's goodies here.

MP3: John Marr - Hello Black or White (Michael Jackson v Martin Solveig)

MP3: DJ ShyBoy - Feel Good Feelings (James Brown v Flo Rida v Black Eyed Peas)