Wednesday, 31 December 2008

White Lies - From The Stars

With the album To Lose My Life only around the corner, White Lies have treated us to a New Year treat with a free album track, From The Stars. I've heard a couple of the other songs off the album other than the singles and I'm pleased to say they don't disappoint. I was worried they might sound a bit samey but this is something new from one of the most hyped new bands.

MP3: From The Stars - White Lies

Happy New Year - Tunes

Not sure this counts as a tune but as you count down to the New Year, why not do it to the sound of Big Ben?

MP3: Big Ben at midnight

and of course you then need a good sing-song (or a bad one in this case, Auld Lang Syne kicks in at the end)

MP3: What Are You Doing New Years Eve? - Mary Margaret O'Hara

Happy New Year

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I Love De Cake, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE! My favourite things!

I've mentioned before how much I like adverts and a recent, decent is the Skoda advert where they make a car out of cake. Don't go to the youtube site and read the comments about what a waste of food it is. What did they want them to do with it? Ship it to Africa? See further down for the "baking of" and the song sung by Lorrie Morgan (I think the one on the advert is by Julie Andrews but don't hold me to that).

Try the "baking of"

MP3: My Favorite Things - Lorrie Morgan

Monday, 29 December 2008

This Isn't Just Any Ordinary Advert...

Ever wondered what track Marks and Spencer use for their adverts? If you're one of the many (cough) people who read this outside the UK then probably not but for those of you a bit more local here it is. I stumbled across it the other day when I was looking through my music collection to make my Dad a compilation CD.

MP3: Albatross - Fleetwood Mac

Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Pigeon Detectives: Lets Go Out Tonight

A great freebie landed in my inbox at Christmas, "It was previouslyonly available as a vinyl b-side to Everybody Wants Me. The track was recorded during the sessions for Emergency at MonnowValley studios with Stephen Street.".

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let It Snow

Following on from Glasvegas, a few days back the Ting Tings were giving away Shut Up and Let It Snow via Radio 1. It's written by Dave Vitty (Comedy Dave) who is on the Chris Moyles Show hence the refence to hitting Chris with a snow ball, although that was dropped in by the Ting Tings themselves.

MP3: Shut Up and Let It Snow - The Ting Tings

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Glasvegas - Stay Another Day

Glasvegas have already released a bonus Christmas CD to accompany their album and now they've covered East 17 with their version Stay Another Day. Radio 1 are giving it away for free.

MP3: Stay Another Day - Glasvegas

Monday, 22 December 2008

Indie Christmas - all I want is a new Low

Last year I spent ages searching other people's blogs for a Christmas song I hadn't heard before that I could add to one of my Chritsmas compilations. Well top of the tree had to be Just Like Christmas by Low. In fact I don't think it will be long before it appears in a Christmas ad in the UK. Good work Low whoever you are. If anyone has any tips for other good indie Christmas tracks let me know.

MP3: Just Like Christmas - Low

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas On YouTube: An Irn Bru Christmas

Irn Bru have made many excellent adverts over the years and this is no exception. It's Irn Bru's take on the Snowman, enjoy. Oh for those from other countries who don't have it, Barr's Irn Bru is made in Scotland from girders.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas On YouTube: Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear

This is the best YouTube version I could find of this song that didn't scare me with pictures of men in women's underwear. This is a classic by Bob Rivers that I remember Simon Mayo playing every Christmas. The best Christmas parody? I think so.

MP3: Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear - Bob Rivers

Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas On YouTube: Dominic The Donkey

Why this makes me and everyone in our print room at work laugh I don't know but it does. The question you should be asking yourself is Why does Santa need a donkey? because the reindeer cannot climb the hills of Italy. Obviously.

MP3: Dominic The Donkey

Christmas Soundtrack: The Santa Clause

Well I watched The Santa Clause last night (again). I think it's an underrated Christmas film. If you've not seen it I definitely recommend it, even if it does steel most of its soundtrack off Home Alone. In fact the song posted below is taken from the Home Alone soundtrack as I couldn't be bothered to find The Santa Cause version.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack: Love Actually

I feel I have to tell you all how much I dislike Keira Knightley, I'm sure it's quite irrational but I can't stand the woman. I think it's partly her voice, partly her smile and also that she's not a proper woman. I'd take the curvy Martine McCutcheon over her any day, not that I'd get the chance. Anyway, I do like Love Actually, I know it's a girly film but at Christmas it has the right mix of humur and feel good fact that's needed on these cold nights.

Bill Nighy is a lucky man, he has the two best lines of the film. One when he's being interviewed on radio about Britany Spears and one when he's on TV with Ant or Deck. I would quote them here but it's Bill Nighy's timing that makes them so great.

Incidentally I read in Richard Smith's book, You Can Get Arrested For That, that the American's love us Brit's saying "actually" so if you want to be like Colin in the film and pull a fit American gal then head for the states and say actually a lot.

MP3: Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack: Scrooged

I can never decide which is my favourite Christmas film, sometimes it's Elf and a lot of the time it's Scrooged. Bill Murray is great in it and, as all good Christmas films should, it gives you a warm glow inside at the end.

MP3: Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Annie Lennox & Al Green

The above link doesn't seem to be working at the moment, if you've searched high and low for the song let me know and I'll send it you.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack: Home Alone

The king of the '80s, John Hughes, starts the '90s with a bang with this great, comic adventure. It includes everything a kid dreams about when he's little, defending your house, making battle plans, tree houses, eating what you want and, erm, using aftershave.

This track is the main theme song that runs throughout the film, composed by the great composer John Williams (it must have been Hans Zimmer's turn to have the week off).

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack - About A Boy (?!)

OK, some of you may have been behind me when I claimed that Gremlins is a Christmas films, some of you may even be behind me if I said Die Hard was a Christmas film (it is set at Christmas after all) however how many of you consider About A Boy a Christmas film? None of you? Good. I don't either but the soundtrack does have an original Christmas song on it. Let me explain, the film is based around Hugh Grant's charachter who does nothing all day as he lives off the proceeds from his Dad's Christmas song, Donna & Blitzen. Don't bother correcting me if I've got those facts wrong, it's really not worth it. Anyway, the song is actually written by Badly Drawn Boy not Hugh's father, well unless BDB is actually his father, maybe that's why he goes under a pseudonym! Wow, a What's Wrong With the Mainstream exclusive! BDB is Hugh Grant's Dad! Cool.

MP3: Donna & Blitzen - Badly Drawn Boy

Oh and the BBC and ITV obviously agree with me. ITV2 had the film on the other day and BBC are using the Badly Drawn Boy track as their Christmas theme.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack - Gremlins

Gremlins IS a Christmas film, it's taken me a few years to convince my wife but it is definitely a Christmas film. It has a brilliant opening track, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love. It's taken from the excellent A Christmas Gift For You by Phil Spector and it's definitely worth buying if you spot it, you can pick it up from most good (and some bad) retailers for about £5. It includes probably the best version of Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes, oh and don't be fooled by iTunes their "Spectorettes" are nothing to do with the original version.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack - Elf

If there is one thing we love in our house it's Christmas. As soon as December 1st arrives we're straight out to get our real tree and it's up with the decorations. Then it's weekends full of Christmas shopping with family as they all visit to enjoy our Christmas wonderland. We even plan out our choice of films and high on the list is always Elf. It is such as light hearted, wonderful Christmas film with my favourite line "I like smiling, smiling's my favourite"

This track is taken from the scene where he is hit by a taxi, sorry if I've spoiled the film for you if you've not seen it before. A real jingle bells, piano tinkling version of the classic.

MP3: Sleigh Ride - Ferrante and Teicher

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Dr Meaker

What happens if you blend Massive Attack’s progressive beats with Amy Winehouse’s soulful sounds?
You’d get latest musical creation coming out of Bristol, Dr Meaker

Well that's what there press release says, I feel Dr Meaker has more of a reggae influence than anything else but, thanks to their promoters you should be able to listen to his music on the player below.

How do I know Dr Meaker? Well I don't, I know the gentleman who deals with promotion via texts and emails.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bristol Scene: ElektroOrganik

Elektroorganik are Dave Fellows (left) and Dean Gardner (right) and they produce soulful, funky, house music (my description not theirs). Again, not the kind of music that gets great coverage on my blog. They've recently kitted out their own studio and are going from strength to strength.

"Over the past year they’ve had releases on Queep, Double Shock Recordings and their latest track "Revolutions" on Duffnote, featuring a host of soulful remixes. "Revolutions" is the 4th ElektroOrganik release to feature the musical talents of Christian Fontana, a singer/songwriter from London who regularly teams up with the boys to deliver their unique sound. Revolutions also appears on Ministry of Sound’s Stereo Sushi Volume 11 compilation. Recognition of their work has been proved through remixes by the likes of Richard Earnshaw, Danny Jones, Roberto De Carlo, MIAR, Tim Richards and Tom Belton." - taken from their MySpace site.

How do I know ElektroOrganik? I'm friends with Dean through a friend of my wife's.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Chikinki

As the bands get better the link between myself and them becomes more tenuous but more of that later. Chikinki are a great band who are currently holed up in Germany where I believe they are having some success. They are a quality guitar band with an electronic mix, well that's the best way I can describe them anyway. I saw them play in Bristol a few years back and their extrovert front man is at sharp contrast to his shy guitarist but it makes for a great mix. I definitely recommend Assassinator 13 which is off their debut album, Lick Your Ticket which is a lyric from that song. Below is an acoustic version of Ether Radio, also from their first album, which was used on a Saab advert.
How do I know Chikinki? Well I don't directly, my wife's boss is the brother of the guitarist Ed. So we buy their singles and albums to support them but to be honest that's not a hardship as they're a great band - even the guy in Virgin (as it was then) was complimenting my choice when I bought the first album.

Visit their web site at or their Myspace site

Monday, 8 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Call The Doctor

Following on from Laid Blak, we now have Call The Doctor. A very new, unsigned band who I have just managed to get my mits on a few of their demos. The band includes former front man for The Vigin Stages, Rob Hallworth who is now concentrating more on writing and only adds backing vocals and guitar to lead singer Rachel Aberhart. Rachel's vocals are really strong and judging by the pictures she looks a great lead singer.

Sadly I can't bring you a picture of the band as a whole but these pics are taken from their MySpace site. Below is a demo from the band and also a demo from The Virgin Stages limited edition demo CD. They played at The Louisiana don't you know. Visit Call The Doctor's MySpace site.

MP3: 4 Leafed Clover (demo) - Call The Doctor.

MP3: To Never Know - The Virgin Stages

How do I know Call The Doctor? My wife is a former house mate of Rob's (and two of the other band members of The Virgin Stages).

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Laid Blak

When reading other people's blogs I get a bit envious, there's music journalists, people setting up labels and friends of bands. I'm just a music fan writing about music I like / have heard. Or am I? When I started to think about it I know more people involved with making music than I originally thought. Soooo I thought I'd write about the people I do know and point you in their direction.

Laid Blak

"Laid Blak takes it's inspiration from city street life. From people, from history, from the good and bad in everyone, from humour, from heavy weight musicians through the years, from the blak and the white, from harmony and from the fight.

Whether your thin or fat or white or black, don't worry about that, just let your body rock nonstop." (Joe Peng - Lead Vocalist)

"Laid Blak represent 'good vibes' street music. The central influences come from Reggae, from RnB, from Hip Hop and Soul. The music has been described as 'Street Soul'. It is Bristol Music, where JA meets UK. As a group of musicians and vocalists we have been brought up on Marley, Studio One, Stevie Wonder, Carnival Music, Marvin Gaye, Gospel and church we just mash it all up and see what comes out......" - take from their MySpace site.

As you can read above their music isn't the usual kind of music that appears on this blog but I recommend trying the track below, it's a two minute taster, if you like it they're on iTunes.

MP3: Red (sampler) - Laid Blak

Or get a full length free mashup by DJ Bunjy


How do I know them? I play football with Bar, their guitarist, or as I know him, the Maradona of the Downs.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Best of '08: Best Album Goes To...

... The Courteeners - St. Jude

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to find out that my favourite album of 2008 is The Courteeners' St. Jude album. So much music gets over hyped on the internet and when you only have a few songs to go on it is difficult to know whether the album will be any good when it finally comes out. This album didn't disappoint, in fact I had to take it out of my car to stop me over playing it.

The album starts off strongly and doesn't stop. The album's upbeat, has guts and puts you in a good mood when you listen to it. Opening on Aftershow you can't help but shouting "thin" as Liam describes his ex's new bloke as "only average looking and a little bit too... THIN".

Then there is a run of three absolutely fantastic songs, Cavorting, Bide Your Time and What Took You So Long? Over the next eight songs the band take you through relationships with lovers, music and so called friends. A great modern day album, if you haven't bought it yet I definitely recommend you do.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Best of '08: Best Freebie - The Charlatans

By far and away the best freebie of '08 has to be The Charlatans "You Cross My Path" album. It can be risky giving away hours of work, thousands of pounds spent in the recording studio and blood, sweat and tears no doubt. However it has made me a fan again of The Charlatans and don't feel too sorry for them, they released a BBC sessions album shortly after to take advantage of any new fans as well as those ever so loyal fans. The album is no longer available free on XFM's web site I am told so if you've not got it yet I recommend buying it.

I've posted one song from this album already (This Is The End), I'm not sure which is my favourite but Bad Days always sticks in my head after I've listened to it.

MP3: Bad Days - The Charlatans

I would say the only freebie that can even come close is White Lies giving away Unfinished Business. Such a good track to give away, it certainly worked with me, I can't wait for the album.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Best of '08: Most Played Album - Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) by Cloud Cult

I was first made aware of Cloud Cult back in February by All Things Go and slowly over time I grew to like the song Zack had posted. I then searched out a few other songs by Cloud Cult and then in September, yes it took that long, I bought the album. My wife and I haven't stopped listening to it since. It is such a beautiful album, it is such a shame that their music is the reflection of tragedy. The lead singer and partner lost their child back in 2002 and speak of their grief in their songs. This, the final song on the album is written as if it is their son saying goodbye (that's my interpretation). A friend of mine recently lost his son and it always makes me think of him and hope he's OK. Sorry if that's just depressed everyone.

MP3: Love You All - Cloud Cult

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Best of '08: Best Parody - Somerset Boy

My Best of '08 continues with my favourite parody of '08. Now you have to remember that for the past four and half years I have been working in Somerset and it's unique, in a good way. Most of the money is from the land and so you get this real mix of small town people and farmers. The local boy racers drive Landrover Defenders and Bristol (45 miles from Taunton) is considered a real day out. This parody by Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty hits it right on the head.

Thanks again to for this.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Best of '08: Live Band - The Courteeners

This is the first of my "Best of '08" tracks that I hope to drag out for several posts. Instead of listing a whole load of tracks or albums that are my favourites of '08 I thought I'd pick categories. First up is the Live Band of '08.
For me there has to be only one, I've seen the Courteeners twice and they were fantastic both times. The first time I saw them on the Thekla we had to move back from the front as the bass was making my wife sick, always a good sign! The second time I saw them at Bier Keller in Bristol and I took two friends who hadn't heard of them before. They came out saying what an amazing gig it was and immediately purchased the album so it's not just me.
I thought I'd already posted this track but it was only my last playlist before I started What's Wrong With The Mainstream. This is What Took You So Long? like at the Thekla and at the end they go in to Tomorrow by James, another favourite of mine.
If you are a fan of The Courteeners I can recommend Snorting and Cavorting forum run by Darren. Thanks Darren.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Missing Link - THE ANSWER!

For the past 6 days I have been posting songs with a common link but what was it? If you don't want to know the answer look away now! The answer is that all the songs were released as a single but not on an album/LP. Some of the songs were (disgracefully) shoehorned on to an album already out and yes, some of them were released as an EP but it was only supposed to be a bit of fun, wasn't it?

If you want to make a playlist out of these songs you could also add Breathe (a little deeper) by Blamless (on my Cooling Towers playlist) and Acrylic by The Courteeners although as that track was on the album either as a secret track or on a second CD I wasn't sure if it counted. Also didn't the Zutons release an album and then add a track afterwards? I seem to remember Schonberg getting it as a Christmas present from a relative and it had the new cover but the old CD inside...

Sunday, 30 November 2008

What's Wrong With The Mainstream - November '08

My monthly installment of what I've found on other blogs, the radio and stumble across by other means is back again. I've listened to A LOT of songs this month to make this playlist and I'd love to say that it's because there's been loads of good stuff to listen to but it's not. I've listened to so much rubbish I hope you enjoy what I've managed to find in all that dross. With December just around the corner the end of year, best of, lists are starting to come out and while I will post my contribution at sometime it has meant a lot of good tracks have suddenly been posted. It's the point where I suddenly realise that everyone but me has caught on to a certain band or two.

I will come on to those in a second but first up is a track from 2006 which had escaped my attention. Thanks to That Bastard at work for this one (that's his gamer tag before you think I'm talking about my boss).

Motivational Speaker - Cut Chemist

It's easy to point at similarities to Avalanches and therefore Goyt when an artist samples speech and scratches a record but that's about all I've got to report for this track. It's only short but serves as a great album opener for Cut Chemist's The Audience's Listening album.

MP3: Motivational Speaker - Cut Chemist

Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

They're back and it's sounding good on my first few listens. This track is free direct from The when you sign up to their email newsletter but only for 7 days. I intend to take this download down after that time has passed.

MP3: Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

Sleepy Head by Passion Pit

I've had this track since June and I'm sorry I've not posted it before. It's from Neon Gold Neon Gold and is one of (if not THE) first artists they signed up. I should have never doubted the hype they put around this artist as they've always come up with the goods before whether blogging about their own artists or others they came across (I think it was through them I first heard White Lies). Maybe I should have put this song before The Prodigy as it would have followed on nicely from Cut Chemist.

MP3: Sleepy Head by Passion Pit

No 1 by Raymond Mang / Grove Armada

This is a track that's taken from the Back To Mine series and I've been waiting for a reason to post it, and, well, I haven't found one so I'm just going to chuck it out there. I first heard this on holiday in Finland when my friend Dan put it on just before we hit the slopes that morning. That was it, it was stuck in our heads all day and now reminds me of great times in Lapland. It took me ages to find it, so enjoy.

MP3: No 1 by Raymond Mang / Grove Armada

Bruises - Chairlift

Look I tried to do handstands for you but I'm rubbish at it and every time I fell on you. So I thought I'd write a song about it. Well that's what Chairlift must have been thinking when they wrote this song that was eventually taken up by iPod to promote their latest nano. Is it just me or do iPod seem to like female voices to promote their products, Feist, Ting Tings, Chairlift...

MP3: Bruises - Chairlift

Perfect Fit - Clues

From a former member of Arcade Fire this song doesn't disappoint. His voice sounds a bit like Radiohead at times and it's got that eerie feeling like Arcade Fire manage to create. Bring on the album in 2009. Thanks to Pop Tarts Suck Toasted for this tip off.

MP3: Perfect Fit - Clues

Buriedfed - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

First of the tracks that I've grabbed from someones end of year lists and it's a slow starter. So if you're like my old house mate and judge a song by the first minute you may want to give it a little bit extra.

MP3: Buriedfed - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

Another band that's made a few end of year lists (I'd never heard of them before). My good friend Schonberg can be picky at times about his music and as it starts I think "he'll definitely like this" then that start doing "do, do do doos" and I think, maybe not. What do you think Schonberg?

MP3: Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

For Tomorrow - Emerald Park

I've ummed and arghed and about posting this song, it's a song that starts strongly but i think it loses its way over the course of the track. Yet having said that it's growing on me more and more, I think they sound a bit like Teenage Fan Club.

MP3: For Tomorrow - Emerald Park

No Surprise - James Yuill

James Yuill seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment, on Zane Lowe's show, he's remixed Scheme Eugene and now he's the free track on iTunes. Best free track since Gas Light Anthem for me.

MP3: No Surprise - James Yuill

Float On - Ben Lee

This cover of the Modest Mouse classic is taken from the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack. Now it looks a pretty dreadful film but if this came from it then it can't be that bad, can it? Ben Lee is from Australia and that's about all I know about him I'm afraid, well that and that he used to go out with Claire Danes (lucky chap) and is in his thirties (it's a good age to be Ben). Anyway I hope you like this acoustic version as much as I do.

MP3: Float On - Ben Lee

Yours - Dan Black

When your first introduction to an artist is through a cover its always interesting to see what their own material is like. Very few artists launch a long and fruitful career on the back of a cover but it is a good way to get attention, perhaps even a gamble some artists have to take. Dan Black brought us the fantastic cover of The Notorious B.I.G.'s Hypnotize or Hypntz as it seems to be called Black. Yours is Dan's first single on iTunes since he went out on his own and it's quite good, a bit different from HYPNTZ but it's growing on me day by day.

MP3: Yours - Dan Black

Bitchstealer - Absentee

I couldn't decide whether to put this on the last What's Wrong With The Mainstream end of month post as I hadn't had enough time to listen to it enough. I really like the singers deep voice and the way he starts by telling "bring her back, bring her back, bring her back, she wasn't yours to take" answers you straight away why the song is called what it is.

MP3: Bitchstealer - Absentee

With Lights Out - Red Light Company

I went to see this band at the start of November (seems ages ago now) and, while I don't think the gig merited a post to review it, I did enjoy it. I think the band are musicians rather than performers but then again that might be because the lead singers head was nearly touching the ceiling so there was no room for jumping around.

MP3: With Lights Out - Red Light Company

She's A Weapon - Twisted Wheel

Perhaps turning everything up a notch is what Red Light Company need to do to get that final break through and Twisted Wheel seem to have their music a notch higher with this track and it certainly works.

MP3: She's A Weapon - Twisted Wheel

And that, my hard rocking amigos, is it for this month. A bit shorter than normal but I didn't want to post another five average songs just for the sake of it.

Missing Link Part 6

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

Last post before the answer so get that brain in gear.

Never shy to compliment themselves they even clap at the end.

MP3: Whatever - Oasis

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Missing Link Part 5

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

So have you got it yet? No? It's supposed to be dead easy so hopefully you have. This is the next track, an underrated song by Arctic Monkeys, Leave Before The Lights Come On.

As I'm feeling generous I'll also give you another track as a clue.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Missing Link Part 4

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

With this being a bit of a quiz you're getting lots of 90's music and what represents Britpop better than Menswear. The boys in suits who were perfect for the front of magazines never recovered from the hype of being on the front of Select (a no longer running music mag).

MP3: We Love You - Menswear

I'm feeling generous so I'm going to give you another song today, please don't throw the "excuse to post good songs" back in my face, I'm a bit delicate at the moment.

MP3: Rule The World - Take That

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Missing Link Part 3

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

Next up is Just A Day by Feeder. A great summer tune, get it on that generic MP3 player now.

MP3: Just A Day - Feeder

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Missing Link Part 2

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

The second song is Don't Look Back In To The Sun by The Libertines but what's the link?

MP3: Don't Look Back In To The Sun - The Libertines

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Missing Link Part 1

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end.

First up is the great track from The Seashorses, You Can Talk To Me. The last good song John Squire produced?

MP3: You Can Talk To Me - The Seahorses

Sunday, 23 November 2008


The whole world seems to have gone mad for Barack Obama, I'm not sure if this is because they think it's great he's been elected or whether people are just happy we're getting rid of Bush. Whichever way you look at it there's more hype about him at the moment than an unheard of song on your average blog.

Even Chris Moyles (Radio 1 breakfast, primetime, DJ) has added to Obama's hype by recording his Obama song. It's actually just Barack Obama sang along to an orchestral version of Kasabian's L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) but it's really catchy and hard to do. I know what you're thinking, 'that can't be hard' but have a listen and try singing along with Chris.
I tracked this down on, a fantastic, unofficial, fans web site for Chris Moyles. It has a great collection of downloads and if you ever want something done on the show this is the first place to go.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

White Lies News

White Lies have finally announced details of their debut album and their next single. This is the info that came through on email recently.

'To Lose My Life' Video Exclusive on MyspaceWhite Lies' new video for To Lose My Life will premier on My Space today. Go to to check out the video now. The video was shot by band friend and collaborator Andreas Nilsson, who also directed the Death video.

Debut Album and New Single out in January

The debut album To Lose My Life... will be out on January 19th, preceded by a single of the same name. Released on CD and 12" vinyl, we can confirm the album tracklisting as follows:

1. Death
2. To Lose My Life
3. A Place To Hide
4. Fifty On Our Foreheads
5. Unfinished Business
6. E.S.T
7. From The Stars
8. Farewell To The Fairground
9. Nothing To Give
10. The Price Of Love

The To Lose My Life single will also be out in January on the 12th. Label mates Filthy Dukes and Yuksek have provided remixes with the 3rd B-side being a brand new track Taxidermy."

As you can guess by the song titles they're a bit death obsessed but the two tracks I've heard from them so far have got me very excited. They're touring with Glasvegas at the moment but have their own tour in the new year, I might just check them out.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

They're back!

The Sunshine Underground are back! Well kind of, they have posted two new songs on their myspace site but we might not get a new album until May of next year and for a major tour we'll have to wait until early next year. The new stuff sounds good but I've not had chance to listen to it much yet.

If you're sat there wondering "who are The Sunshine Underground" then get writing to Santa and ask for their fantastic debut album for Christmas, you can't go wrong. Have a listen to Borders or Commercial Breakdown on their myspace site.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Ray Gardner Is My Hero

When I was a kid I loved adverts, I spent far too much time in front of the TV doing nothing and I would often play the advert game. What you had to do was guess the product before the brand or product was shown. I got so good at it I used to be able to win even if I hadn't seen the advert before. My technique for winning was to not tell the other person we were playing until I'd got the first advert and then I was always one up!

Anyway, if you're from the UK I'm sure you remember the "You've been Tango'd" adverts where a fat guy painted Orange would walk up to someone and smack them on the chops. This caught on in school and everyone was smacking each other around the chops and saying "you've been Tango'd". Schools soon banned that, they spoiled all our fun.

As time moved on Tango tried to come up with a new advert and they came up with Ray Gardner and our friend Sebastien. Sebastien was a French exchange student who had tried Blackcurrant Tango (or BCT as Ray moves on to call it) and didn't enjoy it as much as Tango's other flavours. As a spokesperson for Tango, Ray replies to Sebastien as we'd all like to reply to petty complaints at work.

The music featured in the advert is Don't You Want Me by Felix and despite having been remixed and released many times before it was again released, this time with Ray Gardner on it. I remember by now I was going to clubs and every time this song came on blokes would (hilariously) pretend to strip down for a fight like Ray does in the video.

The track with Ray took a lot of finding but eventually I managed to track it down on eBay and so here it is for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Don't you want me ('96 pugilist mix) - Felix

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Halloween Playlist

Sorry it's a bit late for some of you but we've just discovered Prison Break and stayed up late last night watching that instead.

MP3: Adams Family Theme
MP3: Psycho Theme
MP3: Ghostbusters
MP3: Munsters
MP3: Monster Mash
MP3: This Is Halloween - Danny Elfman
MP3: Beetlejuice
MP3: The Exorcist
MP3: The Halloween Song

Hopefully you can guess their links to Halloween, other suggestions that I haven't posted:

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Monster - Automatic

Shallow Grave Theme - Simon Boswell (that's really spooky)

(Waiting For The) Ghost Train - Madness

Ghost Town - The Specials (you could try the Prodigy version I posted yesterday)

Happy Halloween!

Friday, 31 October 2008

What's Wrong With The Mainstream - October '08

Having a holiday in September meant I was behind with my blog reading when I got back. The good news is that meant I had a wider array of songs to choose from for this month's playlist. I hope I chose the right ones.

I've added a couple more sites to the list of blogs I read down the right hand side. Added are The World Forgot and Neon Gold (that has replaced Good Weather For Airstrikes). Quite a few songs this month are from these sites so don't be shy, nip over there and see what they have to offer.

One Night In October - Little Comets

Des Lynam used to do it, in fact you could rely on him, Gary then continued the tradition and then all of a sudden it stopped. We sat there one Saturday night and suddenly it was missing. This year it was just the same. The confusion it must have cause the next morning must have been on a national scale. What am I talking about? Well the timely reminder that the clocks go back. Thankfully the Little Comets are here to remind us that the clocks go back.

MP3: One Night In October - Little Comets

Meccano - Red Light Company

Red Light Company are getting quite a lot of air play with their current single Scheme Eugene (getting a lot of play on my iPod at the moment). I'm excited as I'm going to see them at the tiny venue of The Louisiana in November. Enjoy this, their previous single.

MP3: Meccano - Red Light Company

Bitch Went Nuts - Ben Folds

This is for my good friend Q-Shoes, nothing to do with his ex (who's a lovely lady) but because he's a big fan of the piano playing maestro. I always thought he had issues (Ben not Q-Shoes) and this song just backs up my theory.

Sorry he uses the 'C' word in this, no not Christmas but funnily enough I have been called both C words on a football pitch, not sure where the guy was trying to say by calling me a Christmas tree but I was suitably offended.

MP3: Bitch Went Nuts - Ben Folds

Daylight - Matt & Kim

Another great piano based song that's doing the rounds on most blogs. Terrible band name but the song fits perfectly between the Ben Folds track and the Spinto Band song. You just thought I put these songs up in random order, shame on you! If you like this you can head over to RCRD LBL as they've got another Matt & kim song going for free.

Link: Daylight - Matt & Kim

Pumpkins & Paisley - The Spinto Band

From the band that brought you the fantastic Oh Mandy (not got it? download it Now ) a new album and not as much fuss this time. The songs alright but I've got a feeling they might not reach the heights of Oh Mandy again :-(

MP3: Pumpkins & Paisley - Spinto Band

Killer - Machines

I believe Machines have split up but that shouldn't stop me posting this song, after all "it's all about the music dude". I have to apologise as I can't remember which blog I got it off but they described them as sounding like Franz Ferdinand.

MP3: Killer - Machines

Casting Agents & Cowgirls - Busdriver

I can't put my finger on who these guys remind me of, I think at the start they sound a bit like Cypress Hill but after that I'm lost. It's something more friend Jimmy List would be in to and he like the Wu-Tang Clan.

MP3: Casting Agents & Cowgirls - Busdriver

UITC - We Plants Are Happy Plants

A track that wouldn't feel out of place in the War of the Worlds soundtrack. No words, just a dance track that's got an epic feel to it.

MP3: UITC - We Plants Are Happy Plants

When You're Not Around (Boys Noize Mix) - Frank Musik

I'm told the unremixed version of this is going to be massive. A new version of The Stranglers Golden Brown track but instead of "Golden Brown" it is "When You're Not Around". I look forward to hearing the single version.

MP3: When You're Not Around (Boys Noize Mix) - Frank Musik

I'd Be Lying - Greg Laswell

Singer-songwriter alert! I heard this the first time and wrote it off as another singer-songwriter song. It's not my type of music and James Morrison sits uneasily on my iTunes thanks to my wife. However, and it is a big however, if you don't want to walk around singing this song all day, don't listen to it. It's really catchy and much to my dismay I really like. Then again I try not to be a music snob so I hope you enjoy it too.

MP3: I'd Be Lying - Greg Laswell

Spaceman - The Killers

New material from Brandon et al. It's taken from a live performance they did on TV but I think it sounds promising.

MP3: Spaceman - The Killers

Ottoman - Vampire Weekend

MP3: Ottoman - Vampire Weekend

Paper Planes (Dskotek Remix) - M.I.A.

I've really got in to this track and I thought I'd post a remix to give you something a bit different from what the radio has been playing every five minutes.

Mp3: Paper Planes (Dskotek Remix) - M.I.A .

I Need A Life - Born Ruffians

Thanks to Winnie Cooper for this track (a blog not a character out of the wonder years, although I'm sure they're related). I actually heard an acoustic version of this on another blog first. If you like this version it might be worth you tracking the other version down.

MP3: I Need A Life - Born Ruffians

Walking On A Dream - Empire of the Sun

A blog I was reading described this as the track of 2008 so I had to give it a listen. I don't know whether it's because a lot of blogs tend to blow a lot of hot air or because every one's tastes are different but I wasn't surprised I was unimpressed by this song. Don't get me wrong it's a nice enough track but it wouldn't make my top ten of 2008. It sounds a bit like Fleetwood Mac or Midlake if you want a recent reference.

MP3: Walking On A Dream - Empire of the Sun

Back To Black (The Rumble Strips Remix) - Amy Winehouse

I believe this version's been around for a while and yes I know this songs been done to death but I thought it was worth posting. It brings a different slant on the song and it surprised me where The Rumble Strips went with it. I keep listening to it so that's a good sign.

Mp3: Back To Black (The Rumble Strips Remix) - Amy Winehouse

Ghost Town - Prodigy

I've been after this song for a while so I was grateful when Check The Availability posted it recently. Not a bad remix of the original classic.

MP3: Ghost Town - Prodigy

Mingus - I'm From Barcelona

I like songs with cities / towns in the title (they make playlists
easy) but I'm not sure about band names with Cities in them. Anyway this band talk about having a job you hate and getting home too late. Surely none of us feel like that. Oh and just because they're from Barcelona doesn't mean you can leave rude messages on their answerphone (sorry non UK readers that's a not so funny current affairs reference). Thanks to the not so differently titled "Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It?" blog for this track.

MP3: Mingus - I'm From Barcelona

Boneless - The Notwist

Right it's getting near 12 and it's getting near November. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for my Halloween playlist. Bet you can't wait. Anyway, enjoy The Notwist, a relaxing track that somehow gathers speed despite feeling slow.

MP3: Boneless The Notwist

Free stuff: Is Universal's site for free downloads, you might want to pop along and see what they've got. There's remixes of Paris Is Burning, a Black Tide track and a Morrissey track for Schonberg and The Music remixed for Sillsy. Also a Courteeners live track and a couple of Noah and The Whale tracks. Oh and a Sugababes track, we're printing leaflets for one of their gigs at work at the moment. Wow I have an exciting job, not quite as exciting as when we printed Nelly's Pimp Juice posters but things will never be that exciting again.

The Hours are back and they are bringing in the heavy weights. Well the tall weights anyway. They have got Calvin Harris to remix their new track, not only that but they are giving away their biggest single off their first album Ali In The Jungle (can you guess who it's about?). To download it all you need to do is go to their home page and register to get their emails

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Long Blondes don't last so long

I have just read that the Long Blondes have split up, a shame as they took some time to grow on me, in fact I featured them in my Sheffield Bands post here.

Monday, 20 October 2008

I Missed A Couple

I'm hoping I've missed loads of good b-sides and you're all about to point them out to me. Just before you do I thought I'd better say that I deliberately didn't go for covers as I'm going to do a post of those in the not too distant future. However, I did forget to post a couple so here they are. The Stereophonics' song is from their early days and sounds just like Local Boy In The Photograph. The Lemonheads one I've been after for ages as my sister had it on a compilation tape and the person who made that only had the song on 7". I have since discovered the electric version which I think is fantastic.

MP3: Carrot Cake and Wine - Stereophonics
MP3: Different Drum (acoustic) - The Lemonheads

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The B-Side Is Dead

Did I miss the day when the headlines were full of the fact you can no longer get your hands on a hard copy of a single? I trudged around Taunton last week trying to find the latest Courteeners single only to be told everywhere that they no longer sold singles! Even Woolies who used to have 25% of the singles market no longer sells them. Then again that was kids spending their pocket money on the cassette singles (even years and years after CDs came in).

So what does this mean? Well not a lot I guess, if I'm impulse buying a song I download it as I want it there and then. However, when it's a new band or a band I REALLY like I'll buy the single as I like to hear what they've got to offer from their b-sides. Usually it's not much but occasionally (and as I tried to put this post together I realise how occasional) there is an absolute gem on the b-side. Does this mean with singles being downloaded as a song on it's own we'll no longer get b-sides? Take White Lies latest single Death, all we got as a b-side was a remix, is this the shape of things to come? I hope not. Remember all those fantastic early Oasis b-sides, maybe we would have never heard Masterplan or Acquiesce. By the way, Sister Lover is another good Oasis b-side but like all their Be Here Now era music it's twice as long as it needs to be (hence why I went for the earlier song).

Below are a selection for you to enjoy some are great hidden gems, some are a bit of fun and ended up on Greatest Hits even though they were only a b-side (Space). I think that's more a reflection of Space than the quality of the song...

MP3: Jacket - The Courteeners
MP3: Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts - Arctic Monkeys
MP3: Snowed Under - Keane
MP3: D'Ya Wanna Be A Spaceman - Oasis
MP3: Valley - Doves
MP3: Sleeping Sun - Coldplay
MP3: Being Around - Lemonheads
MP3: Broken Window - Arcade Fire
MP3: We Are Monkeys - Travis
MP3: Spiders - Space
MP3: Huckleberry Grove - Ocean Colour Scene
MP3: Let Me Know - The Enemy
MP3: Hit By A Car - The Wonder Stuff
MP3: You Don't Amount To Much This Time - Embrace
MP3: It's A Boy - The Bluetones

All Yousendit links as Zshare wasn't working as I was trying to upload them.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Free The Pigeons

Over at (RCRD LBL) they are giving away a b-side from The Pigeon Detectives. As they've asked for people to not rehost the song but instead point you in their direction, here is the link. (You only have to ask)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Who Keeps Deleting My Posts?

Someone or something keeps deleting my posts. If anyone out there knows why it's happening please let me know either by sending me an email or posting a comment.


PS I back them all up so I'll keep posting them until I find a reason why they are being removed.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What's Wrong With The Mainstream September '08

Well as you may have read I've been off for two weeks of September so it's been a real stretch to get the What's Wrong With The Mainstream playlist up this month. Thanks to my contributors I have a variety of songs for you this month. I haven't renamed the links this month as I can't be bothered (I've got back to work blues).

Let's Hang The Landlord - The King Blues Kicking off with the King Blues who have their new single out any day now. This UK band are getting amazing praise from the likes of Zane Lowe and Jo Whiley (Radio 1 DJs).


Imaginary Girl - The Silver Seas

This song has been kicking about on my iTunes for ages and when I was having a clearout recently I rediscovered it. I love the piano intro I think sounds about like Nina Simone's My baby Just Cares For Me.


The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem

How often do you go to iTunes to buy a song (thanks again for the voucher Rich) and find the song you want is free? No, it never happens to me either, well apart from on this occassion. This was song of the week. What a cracking song to give away free. Incidently Sillsy (part-time contributor) wanted to post this track as well so maybe it's worth listening to...


The Outdoor Type - Frank Turner

Thanks to for this one. I recently bought a couple of his tunes and had to let you know about him. I recommend getting your hands on Photosynthesis and Reasons Not to Be an Idiot they are two great pop / folk songs. A bit like Billy Bragg?


The Home EC - The Shake Up

Back to proper rock now.


The Escapist - The Streets

Free download posted on 7Digital (good site for you non-iPoders), taken from their new album. Another slow track has Skinner got rich and lost his edge? (Mike not Frank, Frank went over the edge ages ago).


Martha Shaw - California Soul

I wrote the above bit of the blog before I left but I thought I'd add this song as I loved listening to it on my America playlist. I've had it for a while and if I remember rightly it's taken from an album of remixed soul songs.


As I've been away for half the month I've asked a few people to contribute to the blog's playlist this month. Yes, that's a disclaimer. No pressure boys...


Time To Pretend - MGMT

A tough choice as to what song to pick – this album lives up to the hype, and Time to Pretend starts it off with some heavy Synths and drums. These guys could be The Strokes / Franz Ferdinand of 2008.


Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants - Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts are, according to Wikipedia, a’ new age pop band’ that originated in Kendal, England in 2002, a classic four piece guitar and drums outfit. I’ve started to get this song stuck in my head, if only for the catchy repetitive title lyrics.


Strength In Numbers - Fighting With Wire

FWW are more of your alternative rock / punk mix from Northern Ireland. They’ve started to get some Radio 1 airplay and were at the ‘Big Weekend’ (so VERY mainstream...!). Sounds a bit like a less tuneful Ash...


Manchsm - Future of the Left

The band formed in 2005 after Mclusky and Jarcrew split up within two months of each other, Colin is one of the band members' cats. The end of the song has something to do with how the band's pets want them to do poorly so they won't leave home so often to tour.

I cheated and linked to the Save File location I found it in - JAL

MP3: 04-future_of_the_left-manchasm.mp3

It Ain't Necessarily Evil - Mari Boine & Mungolian Jetset

Mungolian JetSet are my wild card...very different. Norwegian. Influenced by the 80's fad of playing music backwards. Mungolian JetSet Pioneers of the nu-Balearic movement, this Norwegian collective are fronted by a DJ called Strangefruit, who goes about his everyday business in full Mongolian traditional dress...


A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash

I love this song, mainly because I’m learning the guitar, and it sounds like the types of songs I try to make up. Except this is much better, and was performed in front of the entertainment starved volatile inmates at Folsom Prison, whereas I just sing badly at my wife.


Over to Schonberg and his tunes of the "summer"...

Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today (New Version)

We had a moment of sunshine up here in the North one day last month. It was such a surprise that I jumped out of bed and pronounced that I needed some new sunglasses. It seems if you need cheap sunglasses then you have to go somewhere like Next or Topman. So, there I was in the queue to pay for my glasses in Topman when the trademark thump-thump woo hoo yeah baby track finished, only to be replaced by this track. I have been aware of Port O'Brien's work for a while and was a fan of this particular track already, but someone has added a drum beat, speeded the track up a few bpm and suddenly it could be a hit!! See what you think.


Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning

Was a big hit on 6music over the summer, and was playing on the radio while Sarah was in labour. If you ask me, it's quite a catchy tune and deserved more airplay on Radio 1. They have a new single out soon, must see if that's catchy too.


Elbow - The Bones of You

We bought the Elbow album after recommendations from both Jal and the Boy Carson, who had the opening track to this album in his top 5 a few months ago. Anyway, this song became the first song on the album for us, as the loud brass on 'Starlings' would wake Emily up and cause her to do 'Jazz hands', so we had to skip that particular track when she was around. Anyway, listening to this track on the first week in July 2008 caused Sarah and I to look at each other and realise that exactly to the day 5 years ago, we were 3000 miles away on honeymoon in New York. Spooky! I see that this will be the next Elbow single.


Neon Neon - Told Her on Alderaan

I think Gruff Rhys has done well with this particular off-shoot project, the singles from Stainless Style have been top-class pop songs (good for listening in the car with wife and baby) - and any song that references Star Wars is good for me!



Sarah now listens to a lot of daytime 6music now, and she has started reproducing catchphrases from the George Lamb show. Included in the start up to his show is a siren and then an excerpt from this song or 'Sirens' by Dizzee Rascal (which I believe you've covered on this blog already). So, althogther now.. Woop Woop, that's the sound of the po-leece!


The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful

The Kills used to be one of my favourite bands, they were quite punky/industrial with the scrawlly lyrics and drum machine. They were the harder end of the man/woman 2 piece scene started by the White Stripes. But, along come the Ting Tings to poppify everything up and hey presto! - The Kills have a song that the Ting Tings could have used - a good song none-the-less.


Sunday, 28 September 2008

We're The Kids

As we hand over the keys to our hire car, drop another notch on the belt and eat our last regular size "this would be a extra large in the UK" meal I'm sure we'll be a little bit sad as we board the plane. For the last two weeks we'll have been the kids in America.

MP3: Kids In America - The Bloodhound Gang

Friday, 26 September 2008

Drinking In LA

What the hell am I doing drinking in LA at 30? Doesn't quite scan does it? Anyway by now we'll be in LA and hopefully visiting relatives.

MP3: Beverly Hills

You thought I was going to post Bran Van 3000 didn't you?

Monday, 22 September 2008

Just Don't Go Back To...

Big Sur's up next as we continue down the West Coast, by the time you read this we'll be heading down from our hotel in Monterey, past Big Sur and on to Cambria. If Trip Advisor is anything to go by at this point we will be moaning how no one helped us with our bags at 4 in the morning or we'll be really happy because they accepted our discount coupon despite it being peak season and "they normally don't do that but for us they made an exception". I rate this track as 3 out 13 tracks in my iPod area.

MP3: Big Sur - The Thrills

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Road Trip Begins

Just to recap, we're off on holiday and so i thought I'd leave you some posts while I was away to rub it in...

After San Fran we're heading out to Yosemite National Park and then turn around and head back out to the coast. We're not actually going to Santa Cruz (well we haven't planned to) but as we'll be as near as I'll probably ever be to it I thought I'd post this song by Fatboy Slim. An underrated track by the big man, in fact it was the song that got me in to him after I got it free on a Select magazine CD. I played this track over and over one winter while I was revising, this and an ELO album of all things.

MP3: Santa Cruz - Fatboy Slim

Monday, 15 September 2008

If Only I Had Some Hair To Put Flowers In

OK, so we're staying in San Fran for 5 days and we're off to The Rock today, we've even prebooked tickets. I was going to post a song from The Rock soundtrack but as suggested "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)" I wasn't so keen. I'm sure at some point I'll be sitting back, relaxing and watching a bit of American TV...

MP3: American TV - Terrorvision

Saturday, 13 September 2008

California Dreamin'

I'm off to the land of the free, no not Guantanamo but California. I'm so excited, I've never been to the States before. I'm looking forward to eating burgers the size of my head, watching adverts on TV every five minutes and driving a car (with twelve cup holders) down the west coast. Anyway to keep you company while I'm away I've done a few posts as an excuse to post some of the tracks off my playlist for the trip. Oh and just because you know I'm away don't go robbing my flat.

MP3: California Dreamin' - The Mamas and Papas

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Everything's Going To Be Peachy

Having got back from my friend Peachy's stag do a few hours ago I have now managed to re-post August's What's Wrong With The Mainstream playlist. So now on to more important things, telling you the juicy bits from the stag do, ha I don't think so - What goes on tour, stays on tour. I will say though that I really enjoyed Newquay, a really nice place and despite the massive amount of stag and hen dos going on it's managed not to turn into Blackpool. I do feel sorry for the locals though it must have the highest number of stag dos per capita in the UK, nothing like nipping down to your local for a quiet beer with 100 men dressed up as lifeguards.
We did manage to sample most of the local bars and ended up in Sailors Nightclub, to my surprise not a gay club despite the name. The highlight of the weekend had to be the Baywatch theme coming on along with the opening credit sequence on the massive screen. Hands in the air now "I'll Be Ready..."

I came out of the club humming or should I say dooby dooing Dizzee's number one track, Dance Wiv Me, not previously a favourite of mine but from then on I couldn't get it out of my head. I guess it must be because the DJ played it at least twice while we were in the club, always a sign of a good DJ repeating your set, don't you think?

Saturday, 30 August 2008

What's Wrong With The Mainstream - August 08

I'm not going to let a deleted post stop me from posting my monthly playlist so I hope you appreciate this months as I dread to think about the number of hours it will have taken me by the time I finish. I think I said on the original post that there's a lot more dance music on this months playlist. In fact I know this because the old post still comes up on a google search but I can't get to the cached version to ressurect it! Anyway, on with the show...

A great new remix of Hey Boy, Hey Girl by the dudes at Soulwax.

MP3: Link removed

Following on, and keeping the Chemical Brothers theme going, Falling Down by Oasis remixed by The Chemical Brothers.

MP3: Link removed

Iglu and Hartly are getting quite a bit of airtime with their current song In This City, this is a freebie from the band.

MP3: Link removed

The Automatic have come back with a slightly harder sound as they have ditched the shouty (squeeky) guy and picked up another band member on the way. This is another freebie and is the title track from their new album.

MP3: Link removed

Keane are back and they've jumped on the '80s revival band wagon, they've even used guitars this time.

MP3: Link removed

Whitelies new single Death is out anytime now and this song is from them under their previous guise of Fear of Flying. I managed to buy the single from their old record label, I think there are some still available if you want to get your hands on a copy. It took a few listens for me to get in to it, if White Lies' album tracks are as good as this I'll be one happy bunny.

MP3: Link removed


It seems a lot of bands are realising that if they give away free tracks they have more control over which tracks are available. It certainly works on here as I include another free track from Coldplay who are to release a mini album from the left-overs from Vida...

MP3: Link removed

Missing The Killers? Well I thought I'd post one of the tracks off Sawdust, their b-side and rarities album. Enjoy.

MP3: Link removed

As The Rapture's songs work their way further up my most played list I find this song on the blog world. From what I can work out from this track, it's been around a while and never made it on to an album, it's currently on the GTA4 soundtrack. It's a pretty good track too, wish I had a friend called Ben who I could annoy by singing it to...

MP3: Link removed

It's taken computer game companies way too long to add decent soundtracks to games but now you find they're all at it. Following on from GTA, Fifa '09 will have a solid soundtrack included the fantastic The Whip and the quality track Muzzle #1. The album's pretty good too.

MP3: Link removed

Winning longest song title I've posted on my blog, The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA The Ballad of Sheriff Shorty by The Dandy Warhols. A solid return with a new album, I don't know why but I'd kind of written The Dandy Warhols off. I stand corrected.

MP3: Link removed

I'm told everyone is going mad for Ra Ra Riot and their debut album (out now in all good and bad record shops) I can see why with this quality track. They're from New York if that makes a difference to you.

MP3: Link removed

Thanks to Schonberg for pointing this one out. Joy Division meets Interpol meets Editors. Happy stuff then...

MP3: Link removed

The Boxing Lesson sent me their new album to try out. Thanks, the more I hear this track the more I'm enjoying it. This song's a bit like Kings of Leon although some of the album sounds like Mansun. (Track takes a minute to get going, patience kids)

MP3: Link removed

Streets team up with Muse for a mess about as far as I can work out.

MP3: Link removed

Frieghtened Rabbit have produced Art's favourite album of '08 so far, well that's what he commented when I originally got this post up, I'm sure he still feels the same way.

MP3: Link removed

I think this is the most played song I've added to my iPod recently, I definitely recommend downloading it. That's all I'm going to say.

MP3: Link removed

I'm told this is a bit of an OTT track but I think it works, see what you think.

MP3: Link removed

The Moldy Peaches album came out ages ago but I bought it for a fiver after enjoying the soundtrack to Juno. I particularly like this tongue in cheek track.

MP3: Link removed

Lend me your face, I'll bust it up I'll replace it. What a nice senitment, I'm sure you'll agree. This track reminds me big time of Grandaddy despite the female singer. Bit of Ida Maria in there as well?

MP3: Link removed

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Cooling Towers Tribute

Well the cooling towers came down yesterday morning to mixed feelings in South Yorkshire yesterday. My Sister and Brother-in-Law really liked the cooling towers whereas I was indifferent to them. I thought they were nothing special yet I doubt anything special is going to replace them. EON say it would have cost to much to maintain them and money speaks. I may now live in Bristol but I was born in Sheffield and was brought up in a small town south of Sheffield so if anyone asks where I'm from I say Sheffield with pride - and I'll continue to do so until I start saying "where's you to?", that's "where are you?" to anyone not from the West Country. Below is my playlist of Sheffield bands as a tribute to the towers.

Babies - Pulp

Pulp, the first super band in Sheffield in my time. My sister was in to them in a big way and we always used to sing this together. I put this in ahead of other songs as it was the first one I was in to and because Jarvis name checks a road in Sheffield - Stanhope Road.

MP3: Babies - Pulp

Fake Tales of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys

I think this is the first song I heard of Arctic Monkeys. Schonberg sang it lots as it became available. Perhaps because he's not from New York City, he's from Rotherham. He also lived close to Hunters Bar (called this because it used to be an old trading post), Schonberg did you used to be in the Arctic Monkeys? Come to think of it you never see Schonberg and Alex Turner in the same room at the same time...

MP3: Fake Tales of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys

What Will You Do When The Money Goes? - Milburn

A band that seems to create a lot of debate on the internet. Some say they just copied the Arctic Monkeys style, then others point out that they were around first and that they have a different sound. All I know is I like this song (what else matters?)

MP3: What Will You Do When The Money Goes? - Milburn

What The Milkman Saw - Reverend & The Makers

In this song John McClure writes that "this isn't murder it's just Grenoside" an area of Sheffield in the north of city. I'm told that this lyric isn't very unique as around the time Bowie was singing "This aint rock ’n' roll, this is genocide" someone defaced the Welcome to Grenoside sign to say "This ain't rock 'n' roll, this is Grenoside". Thanks to Jim for that little nugget.

MP3: What The Milkman Saw - Reverend & The Makers

Boy Wonder - Speedy

MP3: Boy Wonder - Speedy

Goodnight - Babybird

Forget You're Gorgeous (although it taught me how to spell) this is Babybird's song and reminds me a little of Pure by The Lightening Seeds.

MP3: Goodnight - Babybird

Shot At Politics - Little Man Tate

From their new album, well worth downloading.

MP3: Shot At Politics - Little Man Tate (Link removed)

Giddy Statospheres - The Long Blondes

A great riff starts this Blondie esq track off.

MP3: Giddy Statospheres - The Long Blondes

Baby You're My Light - Richard Hawley

I've been wanting to shoe horn this song on to my blog for a while now. What a beautiful song, I originally heard it on a compilation tape my mate Jim did me years ago.

MP3: Baby You're My Light - Richard Hawley

Temptation - Heaven 17

Oh you've got blue eyes, of you've green eyes....

MP3: Temptation - Heaven 17

20 to 9 - Tiny Dancers

Hailing from West Yorkshire and based in Sheffield, Tiny Dancers mention "far away away from this town of steel" in their most well known song Wait For Me. I have posted this track instead as I've already posted Wait For Me in the past and I think this shows another side to the band. Terrible name for a band but that never stopped Shed Seven...

MP3: 20 to 9 - Tiny Dancers

Breathe (A Little Deeper) - Blameless

I didn't know until recently this band were from Sheffield, in fact I'd assumed they were from America. I picked up their album when I was living in Reading for a bargain £1 only to find that it didn't have this song on it. I eventually tracked the single down on eBay. I used to listen to this loads when I was at Sheffield Hallam and so it always makes me think of Sheffield even if I didn't know the band were from there.

MP3: Breathe (A Little Deeper) - Blameless (right click)

She Said - Longpigs

A bit cliched to put this song on as it's the most well known but it was the song I would scream away at in The Leadmill with my friends. When I first heard this song I thought they would be a one hit wonder but Q Shoes assured me it was a quality album and he sure was right. I even got chance to see them play at the Octagon, they didn't disappoint. In fact I have only seen Pulp and Longpigs in Sheffield (I have seen a few of the others but sadly not in Sheffield).

MP3: She Said - Longpigs

Daydream In Blue - I Monster

A great summer song from two Sheffield based producers, Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling. Dean Honer also being involved with The All Seeing I which leads me nicely on to...

MP3: Daydream In Blue - I Monster

Walk Like A Panther - The All Seeing I

With Tony Christie on vocals this song's lyrics were written by Jarvis Cocker.

MP3: Walk Like A Panther - The All Seeing I

Everything is Everything - Paul Heaton

A Sheffield United fan, Paul invited the staff at the club to see the Beautiful South at Sheffield Arena. I got to go as a plus one and it's the only time I've had a back stage pass at a gig probably not the most rock 'n' roll band to have a back stage pass for but I was grateful anyway.

This is from his solo album, not one to play in front of the kids. I guess you get used to swearing like that if you have to watch United week in week out.

MP3: Everything is Everything - Paul Heaton

Waster - Gomez

From the Machismo EP this is a great song. OK so you want to know what they've got to do with Sheffield? Well they met at the University of Sheffield and their manager lives there. Does that count. It was either that or I put a track on from ABC and I didn't fancy that.

MP3: Waster - Gomez

Pure New Pleasure Seeker - Moloko

I'm not really why Wikipedia class this band as from Sheffield. OK they met at a party in Sheffield but is that really enough to calls them from Sheffield. Well as it gives me the excuse to post the extended album version of this song I think it's right good.

MP3: Pure New Pleasure Seeker - Moloko

A good link is Sheffield Blog/ especially for the coverage of the Cooling Towers demolition.