Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bristol Scene: ElektroOrganik

Elektroorganik are Dave Fellows (left) and Dean Gardner (right) and they produce soulful, funky, house music (my description not theirs). Again, not the kind of music that gets great coverage on my blog. They've recently kitted out their own studio and are going from strength to strength.

"Over the past year they’ve had releases on Queep, Double Shock Recordings and their latest track "Revolutions" on Duffnote, featuring a host of soulful remixes. "Revolutions" is the 4th ElektroOrganik release to feature the musical talents of Christian Fontana, a singer/songwriter from London who regularly teams up with the boys to deliver their unique sound. Revolutions also appears on Ministry of Sound’s Stereo Sushi Volume 11 compilation. Recognition of their work has been proved through remixes by the likes of Richard Earnshaw, Danny Jones, Roberto De Carlo, MIAR, Tim Richards and Tom Belton." - taken from their MySpace site.

How do I know ElektroOrganik? I'm friends with Dean through a friend of my wife's.


Christian Fontana said...

Nice review bro.



Anonymous said...

Follows, not Fellows!