Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Best of '08: Live Band - The Courteeners

This is the first of my "Best of '08" tracks that I hope to drag out for several posts. Instead of listing a whole load of tracks or albums that are my favourites of '08 I thought I'd pick categories. First up is the Live Band of '08.
For me there has to be only one, I've seen the Courteeners twice and they were fantastic both times. The first time I saw them on the Thekla we had to move back from the front as the bass was making my wife sick, always a good sign! The second time I saw them at Bier Keller in Bristol and I took two friends who hadn't heard of them before. They came out saying what an amazing gig it was and immediately purchased the album so it's not just me.
I thought I'd already posted this track but it was only my last playlist before I started What's Wrong With The Mainstream. This is What Took You So Long? like at the Thekla and at the end they go in to Tomorrow by James, another favourite of mine.
If you are a fan of The Courteeners I can recommend Snorting and Cavorting forum run by Darren. Thanks Darren.

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