Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack - About A Boy (?!)

OK, some of you may have been behind me when I claimed that Gremlins is a Christmas films, some of you may even be behind me if I said Die Hard was a Christmas film (it is set at Christmas after all) however how many of you consider About A Boy a Christmas film? None of you? Good. I don't either but the soundtrack does have an original Christmas song on it. Let me explain, the film is based around Hugh Grant's charachter who does nothing all day as he lives off the proceeds from his Dad's Christmas song, Donna & Blitzen. Don't bother correcting me if I've got those facts wrong, it's really not worth it. Anyway, the song is actually written by Badly Drawn Boy not Hugh's father, well unless BDB is actually his father, maybe that's why he goes under a pseudonym! Wow, a What's Wrong With the Mainstream exclusive! BDB is Hugh Grant's Dad! Cool.

MP3: Donna & Blitzen - Badly Drawn Boy

Oh and the BBC and ITV obviously agree with me. ITV2 had the film on the other day and BBC are using the Badly Drawn Boy track as their Christmas theme.

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