Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Chikinki

As the bands get better the link between myself and them becomes more tenuous but more of that later. Chikinki are a great band who are currently holed up in Germany where I believe they are having some success. They are a quality guitar band with an electronic mix, well that's the best way I can describe them anyway. I saw them play in Bristol a few years back and their extrovert front man is at sharp contrast to his shy guitarist but it makes for a great mix. I definitely recommend Assassinator 13 which is off their debut album, Lick Your Ticket which is a lyric from that song. Below is an acoustic version of Ether Radio, also from their first album, which was used on a Saab advert.
How do I know Chikinki? Well I don't directly, my wife's boss is the brother of the guitarist Ed. So we buy their singles and albums to support them but to be honest that's not a hardship as they're a great band - even the guy in Virgin (as it was then) was complimenting my choice when I bought the first album.

Visit their web site at http://www.chikinki.co.uk/ or their Myspace site www.myspace.com/chikinki.

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