Friday, 5 December 2008

Best of '08: Best Freebie - The Charlatans

By far and away the best freebie of '08 has to be The Charlatans "You Cross My Path" album. It can be risky giving away hours of work, thousands of pounds spent in the recording studio and blood, sweat and tears no doubt. However it has made me a fan again of The Charlatans and don't feel too sorry for them, they released a BBC sessions album shortly after to take advantage of any new fans as well as those ever so loyal fans. The album is no longer available free on XFM's web site I am told so if you've not got it yet I recommend buying it.

I've posted one song from this album already (This Is The End), I'm not sure which is my favourite but Bad Days always sticks in my head after I've listened to it.

MP3: Bad Days - The Charlatans

I would say the only freebie that can even come close is White Lies giving away Unfinished Business. Such a good track to give away, it certainly worked with me, I can't wait for the album.

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