Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Laid Blak

When reading other people's blogs I get a bit envious, there's music journalists, people setting up labels and friends of bands. I'm just a music fan writing about music I like / have heard. Or am I? When I started to think about it I know more people involved with making music than I originally thought. Soooo I thought I'd write about the people I do know and point you in their direction.

Laid Blak

"Laid Blak takes it's inspiration from city street life. From people, from history, from the good and bad in everyone, from humour, from heavy weight musicians through the years, from the blak and the white, from harmony and from the fight.

Whether your thin or fat or white or black, don't worry about that, just let your body rock nonstop." (Joe Peng - Lead Vocalist)

"Laid Blak represent 'good vibes' street music. The central influences come from Reggae, from RnB, from Hip Hop and Soul. The music has been described as 'Street Soul'. It is Bristol Music, where JA meets UK. As a group of musicians and vocalists we have been brought up on Marley, Studio One, Stevie Wonder, Carnival Music, Marvin Gaye, Gospel and church we just mash it all up and see what comes out......" - take from their MySpace site.

As you can read above their music isn't the usual kind of music that appears on this blog but I recommend trying the track below, it's a two minute taster, if you like it they're on iTunes.

MP3: Red (sampler) - Laid Blak

Or get a full length free mashup by DJ Bunjy


How do I know them? I play football with Bar, their guitarist, or as I know him, the Maradona of the Downs.

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