Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Soundtrack: Love Actually

I feel I have to tell you all how much I dislike Keira Knightley, I'm sure it's quite irrational but I can't stand the woman. I think it's partly her voice, partly her smile and also that she's not a proper woman. I'd take the curvy Martine McCutcheon over her any day, not that I'd get the chance. Anyway, I do like Love Actually, I know it's a girly film but at Christmas it has the right mix of humur and feel good fact that's needed on these cold nights.

Bill Nighy is a lucky man, he has the two best lines of the film. One when he's being interviewed on radio about Britany Spears and one when he's on TV with Ant or Deck. I would quote them here but it's Bill Nighy's timing that makes them so great.

Incidentally I read in Richard Smith's book, You Can Get Arrested For That, that the American's love us Brit's saying "actually" so if you want to be like Colin in the film and pull a fit American gal then head for the states and say actually a lot.

MP3: Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack


Sillsey said...

I couldn't agree more with the Knightly comments, I was having this very discussion the other day.

The lack of curves are a factor...but it's much more about the smile for me.

Stop it, stop it now woman!

Anonymous said...

Martine is the reason I love that movie. Would've been great if they added her "White Christmas" to the soundtrack.