Monday, 24 December 2018

3WTM 2018 Playlist

So what have I been listening to this year? I'm sure you've all been wondering. Well now you can hear with this great Spotify playlist or Apple Music Playlist.

Angry Cyclist - The Proclaimers
The Proclaimers? You bet! Somehow Spotify thought I might like this and they were right. Try it, forget who it's by, if you can, and you won't regret it.

110 Ways To Make Things Better - Jordan Allen
I still can't get over how much he sounds like the Pigeon Detectives. It was either this track or Synchronised to go on the playlist, I'd listen to all his stuff if I was you.

Stand Up Tragedy - The Fratellis
The more I hear of them, the more I like them. So underrated after a big hit early on.

Pressure (feat. UCLA Bruin Marching Band) - Muse
This song is good but add a marching band and it makes it, gives it that something extra that doesn't make it just another Muse track.

Never Enough - The Hunna
Not their most played track on Spotify, how that is, I have no idea. I loved it from the minute I heard it on the radio.

Running On Empty - Issac Gracie
Another radio earworm for me. Straight on to a playlist and on constant rotation.

Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy
The intro music from Channel 4's Last Leg.

Montage - Andy Hull and Robert McDowell
Say the word "montage" and I instantly think of Team America (f*%£ Yeah). However this is from the eBay advert and Swiss Army Man OST.

Last Century - The Almighty Rhombus
They've featured previously on the blog so it was great to hear they were back with new material. Check it out.

Simplify - Young The Giant
I enjoyed their My Body song so much I had to listen to their other tracks to see what else they had to offer. This is pretty good.

Love Is A Basic Need (Orchestral Version) - Embrace
Another strong track from the boys from West Yorkshire.

Unbelievers - Ezra Furman

Seavolution - Tiesto
Tastes change over time but I was certainly surprised to be recommended this by Neil, occasional contributor to the blog. Cracking track though.

Dished (Male Stripper) - Purple Disco Machine
Keeping the dance music section of the blog going. I'm loving this in my spinning classes at the moment.

Freaks - Timmy Trumpet
Known as the trumping song in our house, our kids go mental for it.

You Fine - Saint Motel
Darlings of the advertising world, Saint Motel's b-side is another foot-tapping tune ready to persuade you to use the latest brand.

The Heart Is A Muscle - Gang of Youths
I'm a bit late to the GoY party but I'm going to do some revision and make sure I'm up-to-date after finding this track.

No Roots - Alice Merton
As I'm currently doing rehab for my back I'm inclined to sing I've Got No Glutes to this as I try to improve my core (and my glutes).

You've Got Time - Regina Spektor
Another party I'm late to, not Regina but Orange Is The New Black, the Netflix series that this is the theme tune to.

Jordan B Peterson's Drinking Song - Akira The Don
When I was stuck in a traffic jam the other week, missing my eldest's parents evening, I started scouring Spotify and somehow I revisited Akira The Don. His (?) Drinking Song has been a favourite of mine for sometime and I was interested what he was up to now. It's a lot of spoken word over backing tracks which work well in the right kind of environment. This one seems to be an update / variance on the original Drinking Song and works for me. Is that Wheels as the backing tune? Try also Any Dream You Wanted.

Time To Give - White Lies
A return for White Lies and a return to form in my eyes / ears.

River Thames - MOSES
Thrown up by Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. Not a bad algorithm that one.

The Revolution Will Be Digitised - Bibelots
As above, a new discovery for me.

That's Not Entertainment - The Lottery Winners
I do like discovering new music but it can be work at times, going through a lot of average songs. This was a nice find, it sounds like it should be on the Road Trip soundtrack.

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