Monday, 29 June 2015

3WTM June 2015 Playlist

Another month and some more cracking tunes discovered, new and old tracks in June's playlist. As before the playlist is available on Spotify. Enjoy!

It Gets Better - The Preatures
The Preatures are from Australia and I think I picked this track up through Chris co-writer of the blog. Great tip off Chris.

The Badest - DJ Yoda
I've always liked DJ Yoda's ability to mix music genres, often hip hop with 70s or 80s music. This has got that same feel, one of a few new tracks from his album I'm enjoying.

Me And The Devil - The Fratellis
The most played song on the playlist this month. A belter. I was a fan of The Fratellis before but this is awesome.

No No No - Yes Sunshine
A great find, suggested by Spotify I think.

Who Fell Down The Stairs - The Cheap Thrills
Another guitar band and another corker from the Liverpool band.

Watch Me Fall - Puppet Rebellion
The first band I have got in to from them following me on Twitter. I checked them out and sent them a complimentary tweet. Sadly they then sent me an automated tweet to check them out. #twitterfail.

Agree To Disagree - The Blue Collars
These guys remind me a fair bit of The Twang, maybe not quite as melodic but I bet they like party just as much!

Bullet Train - Two Weeks Running
Released at the end of November this is another track I'm just catching up on through Spotify. Other streaming services are available...

Right Action - Franz Ferdinand
OK so I was aware of this track already but it goes so well with The Fratellis song it just has to go on this playlist.

4th And Roebling - The Districts

Go - The Chemical Brothers
Another strong track from my Bros.

S.O.B. - Nathaniel Ratelif & The Night Sweats
A great foot tapping blues track. Son of a bitch, give me a drink!

All Day - Tom Williams
I always think of Tom as a friend of the blog but I guess that's just because we've featured him and he's kept going as long as we have.

All Your Friends - LIFE
I'm going to keep posting these guys so you might as well decide you like them now. Another stonking track from LIFE.

The Ballad of Mr. Steak - Kishi Bashi

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ex-Noah and the Whale - Fred Abbott - Free Download

It seems since Noah and the Whale split up (when did this happen, no one tells me nothing*) Fred has been busy and has carried on the Tom Petty sound in to his solo album material. I'm not sure if Funny How... is about being out of the band but it certainly seems more upbeat than a lot of the bands more recent material. His album is out on the 20th of July, make sure you don't forget to check it out.

*There's nothing more satisfying than throwing a double negative in to make me sound intelligent.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Public Service Broadcasting and Maccabees

I remember the cards you used to get in CDs that let you sign up to band's mailing lists. They'd ask you how often you bought CDs and what your other favourite bands. Presumably so they could get support act ideas. These two bands probably wouldn't have featured together on many of those cards but I bet they share some fans. Public Service Broadcasting remixing Marks To Prove It by Maccabees seems a genius move if you ask me. Does it work? Judge for yourself.

If the above embedded link doesn't work, try this instead