Wednesday, 30 November 2016

3WTM November 2016 Playlist

Adding variety and richness in the blog this month is Andy as he gives us seven tracks for us to check out (we'll call him Andy P as I'm hopeful of another Andy contributing at some point). That should give us a nice round 20 for our playlist this month. On Apple and Spotify as usual.

Neil's Choices:

"Consume or be consumed" by Slaves,featuring Beastie Boy Mike D on some of the vocals, and also his ace production.

Sounds very much like the BB spin off band BS2000 (if you can remember them?)

"Popular music" by LIFE - I know John is/used to be a fan of the boys from Hull, well they supported Slaves last night and finished with this one.

"TCR" by Sleaford Mods - I was going to put this forward for last month's playlist but it was the only track I had so thought I'd save it. You'll either love it or hate it, you'll either think it's clever or rubbish. Marmite music.

"Way we Won't" by Grandaddy - Yey, Grandaddy are back and they sound as fresh as ever.

John's choices:

Stages – The Frank and Walters.
I knew of The Frank and Walters just as I was getting in to music in the early nineties. That was the jangly pop song After All (worth checking out if you don’t know it). This is a bit heavier I guess and a really strong track.

A House on Fire – TRAAMS.
It’s a long one at 8:41 but I think it’s worth it. TRAAMS are a post-punk band, whatever that means! This track came out in October to support their tour which has sadly just ended but I’m sure they’ll be back if this track is anything to go by.

Wolves – Pigeon Detectives.
Especially for Chris and his love of tracks involving Wolves. Pidgeon Detectives burst on to the scene in 2007 with the excellent Wait For Me album. Excellent live, it’s great to see them back with their 5th (FIFTH!) album.

Can't Connect - Planet

This band from Sydney are supporting 3WTM favourite British India on their latest tour and have a great early 90s indie feel to them. It's also worth checking out their track Undermine.

Learning To Fly – Liberty Ship.

A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals a request for donations and also details of Liberty Ship, a British designed boat produced on mass by the Americans during the second world war. The most ever produced of one boat design in fact. The band however are a four piece from Sheffield and can only hope to be mass produced (see what I’ve done there).

and new to the blog this month is Andy P:

Many thanks to John for the opportunity to add a few guest selections to the blog this month.
As you may see from the tracks below - my tastes are somewhat eclectic!

The Hoosiers,  Bumpy Ride, Bumpy Ride 2011
To me this typifies exactly what's wrong with the mainstream, it's a great song that rarely fails to bring a smile to my face. The Hoosiers stormed onto the scene with Goodbye Mr A and Worried About Ray in 2007. To start with they had  lots of promotion and support, but then when the second single from their second album only got to no 11 in the charts, they were dropped by their record label like a lead balloon. Fortunately they managed to negotiate to get the master recordings and re-released the entire album on their own label. They have gone on to record and release more new material using crowd funding to cover their costs. 

Christine and the Queens Tilted, Charleur Humaine 2015
Its nice to come across a new release where there is something a little different and engaging about it, quirky even. Christine seems to have found her own sound - its modern and crisp. One of those songs which when you hear for the first time makes you want to listen again and it even has a little bit of French rapping veru Blondie!

Bastille, Good Grief, Wild World 2016
OK so they are mainstream now - but I have been following these guys for several years and sometimes its annoying when they get too big! They built a huge following via social media and almost constant touring. The vocal is pitched unusually high to suit Dan Smith's voice and I love all the reinventions and cover versions (Other People's Heartache) they've done. Now the long awaited second album has finally arrived (after at least three iterrations of Bad Blood). Think this is my current favourite, it's one of the few (other than Motorhead) that hangs on the bass line - recognisable as soon as you hear it, just love this one

Travis, Idlewild featuring Josephine Oniyama, Everything at Once 2016
Travis still rocking and enjoying it after 20 years when some of their early contemporaries are have gone on to super stardom, Chris Martin mentioned them as one of his inspirations. Still recording new and interesting material this combines a classic Travis sound with a haunting vocal from the very talented Josephine Oniyama. Saw them live recently and was so impressed with the enthusiasm they obviously still have for recording and performing their music, unfortunately Josephine didn't tour with them because she still needs a day job to pay the bills! 

Catfish and the Bottlemen, Soundcheck The Ride 2016
Really like the feel of this band - melodic but with an edge and they've managed the difficult transition into their second album and kept a lot of that raw feel. Soundcheck the first single from the second albulm just grabs me.

Paper  Aeroplanes, Newport Beach from The Day We Ran Into the Sea- 2009
Definitely not in the mainstream but I do like this type of British folk. I like the soft acoustic tones and harmonies. When I listen to this track it brings back happy memories of family holidays in West Wales and time spent on Newport (Pembs) Beach - some very special spots and the something a bit more laid back and relaxed. It's nice when you can have a very personal connection with a track.

Gogol Bordello, Wunderlust King Super Taranta! 2007.
Its hard to categories just exactly what this is, but Ukrainian gypsy punk rock its a generally underrepresented genre and this track sums up the energy and enthusiasm that it involves. IMO they are one of the best live acts around with unbelievable energy.

3WTM November 2016 – Chris’s Selections

Weep – Magik*Magik - Makik*Magik
This is the debut album from Minna Choi who put together a group of musicians to produce soundscapes for other artists including Death Cab for Cutie, Sting and Santana among many others. I love the atmosphere of this track – and the whole album is worth a listen and is in a similar vein.
ClearInsisght – Slaughter Beach - Love/Venice EP
This definitely reminds me of something, but I can’t remember what, and probably something I’ve put on a previous playlist. Synth strings and guitars, what’s not to like.
Postdoc Blues – John K. Samson – Winter Wheat
I had to include this song because it gets ‘PowerPoint’ into the lyrics. I think it just dropped off the end of last month’s playlist.
Rise – Cath Tyldesley – Rise
Having mentioned Santana above, this song reminds me in feel to ‘Smooth’ which I happen to think is a good thing
Learning to Love the Bomb – Laish – Pendulum Swing
Another bounce along upbeat song – I haven’t yet deciphered the lyrics enough to learn why he is learning to love the bomb.