Saturday, 31 October 2015

3WTM October '15 Playlist

Just me left to my own devices today and I've got some corking tunes this month. I was asked recently by one of (our only?) reader if I particularly recommended any of the songs on the playlist. Well obviously I recommend them all as that's the whole reason behind it but in this time of fast food and 140 characters I understand we all want to accelerate to the good stuff. So I have highlighted the key tracks but you can check them out all out on Apple MusicSpotify or hopefully working for the first time, Google Play (thanks Neil).

C'est La Vie - Stereophonics

A band that has been made unfashionable by time alone. They've penned stonking track after track and while I'm not as big a fan as my friend who has named his company after them, I've certainly spent a fair amount of my time listing to their work. This is major highlight of the playlist.

Queen of Peace - Florence + The Machine

Certainly not a band struggling for recognition at the moment and her promotion to headline act at Glastonbury should be celebrated as another strong track hits our ears.

The Queen of Swans - Mercury Rev

Probably best known for their track Goddess on a Highway back in the nineties when they were loved by NME. I was surprised to see their name come up on latest releases and The Queen of Swans taken from their new album, The Light In You, is a good return to form for the band.

Capable of Anything - Ben Folds

Certainly a highlight of the playlist with a real magical feel to the opening and a message that can resonate with most people. It certainly reminds me of Parker Lewis and Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position.

Weekend - The Mispers

With a similar whimsical opening to the track above you get drawn in to the band despite their name and track title.

The Next Storm - Frank Turner

As I'm going to see him in November I'm getting in my revision from his latest album, I couldn't face doing a "going down a storm" cliché. D'oh.

No Hell - Cloud Cult

If Florence + The Machine are getting good coverage, Cloud Cult do not get anywhere near the international critical acclaim they should do. I can't work out if they don't tour in Europe because of environmental reasons or that they just don't want to but they would certainly be welcome with opened arms from our household.

Say You Don't Want It - One Night Only

Exploring further from last month's track I have found this cracking pop song that they released back in 2010. Sounding a bit like Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) and having the production values of one of his tracks it's what the Pet Shop Boys would sound like if they preferred guitars to keyboards.

Start To Run - Dexters

Another reappearance from last month's playlist as I explored Dexters back catalogue.

Honey - Swim Deep

Only dreaming while you're sleeping is a sin as we all know or certainly that's the mantra that Swim Deep seem to be repeating through this song.

Electric Fever - Free Energy

Another track from Free Energy this month and when you've heard this track you won't be surprised to hear that the 2012 track is inspired by You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Unwind - Guy Garvey

Elbows front man goes it alone and this feels like he's very much returned to the music where Elbow began. Slow and not instant if you've read this far down in to the blog then you've probably got the staying power required to enjoy the track.

Just Like That - The Coronas

I have the feeling this song was selected as a single and then they had to address the slow start to the track. So what we've ended up with is a track hitting you between the eyes, calming down and revealing it's real qualities before getting up pace again by the end. See what you think.

Trust - Half Moon Run

I don't listen enough to music on the radio and even less to new music on the radio sadly. So when I keep hearing a band on the radio I know they must be gaining some traction. Check out Half Moon Run, I think I might be a bit late in telling you this...

Superhero Music - Fingathing

I know this isn't Chris's (note the apostrophes) cup of tea but as he's having a month off contributing to the blog I get to put it on. Hope the rest of you enjoy!

Enabler - Evans The Death

Having a cameo appearance from comedian Stewart Lee on one of your b-sides is pretty cool - on the a-side would be so last year. Check them out although any band that "distances themselves from indie pop" comes across as a bit snobby.