Wednesday, 30 September 2015

3WTM September Playlist - Chris's Half

Well, the first thing I must address is the apostrophe in "Chris's" - apparently it's OK to do that now, and I kind of like it because it mirrors what would be said in speech, so I'm going with it.

Right - so having got that little niggle out of the way, on to the music.

I've been compiling my own 'Good New Music' playlist for a while now, so these songs haven't necessarily found their way into my life solely in the last month, but who said they had to? Anyway, John suggested that I do 10 songs or so this month, and he'd do ten or so.

First up:

Get Into It by The Strypes from Little Victories

So this is brand new, and what a track, what an album! 'Eighty-Four' from the same album would not be out of place on The Arctic Monkeys' (no 's' added there) 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'. Anyway the rest of this playlist will struggle to continue where this track leaves off, it's such a cracker ...

Bad Boyfriend by Spector from Moth Boys

OK - so Spector featured last month, but I was going to add one of their tracks anyway - I heard this album about the same time as Little Victories, and it's another great one, as John suggested it might be. As I commented to John in an email, I can't decide if the singer sounds like the bloke out of 'The Editors', 'The National' or 'White Lies' or maybe all three?

Disco Bands by Sunset Sons from She Wants - EP

OK - so I've mentioned this band before (back in January I think), but there's much to like here - my kind of track exactly, driving and upbeat. I'd love for these guys to bring an album out.

Sorry I Stole Your Man by Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas from Secret Evil

OK - so I start all my comments with 'OK' - good job I'm not a proper writer or anything. So - this album is over a year old I think, but a deluxe version has been released or something like that and so it popped up on my radar. Another cracking album. In places, I am reminded of either Amy Winehouse, or The Noisettes.

Thames Soup by The Phoenix Foundation from Fandango

This track is a little more laid back. Oh blimey - the album's from 2013! Oh well, it's new to me. I don't really know what to say about it though ... moving swiftly on ...

Anywhere We Go by Kaptan from Anywhere We Go - Single

Very acceptable little indie tune - don't know much about these, I think they are very new, but the bloke behind them/it has done some other things before. Helpful, I know.

If Birds Wish To Fly by Corey Brown from If Birds Wish To Fly - Single

This track had me at the Hammond Organ riff intro. Again - I don't seem to be able to find out much more about Corey Bowen - oh apparently he's from Middlesbrough. Well I hope he goes on to make more like this.

Heart & Soul by VITAMIN from Heart & Soul - Single

It's just an OK track in reality - if I had to lose a track from this list, this would probably be the one.

Busy Earnin' by Jungle from Jungle

This is another discover from 6 Music (I must borrow my wife's car more often). Again, an album from last year. Funky? Groovy? I just like it.

Heroine by Gengahr by A Dream Outside

Please, someone tell me what the main riff sounds almost exactly like? It's easy, but I just can't place it. IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN! Anyway another great track.

Misfit by Starling from Misfit - Single

Hmm - should I end on a downbeat note? Why not. 'Pensive' might describe this track. I recently downloaded a 'Nordic Noir' playlist featuring songs that had been included in the soundtracks to the recent Scandinavian dramas which have been appearing on TV over the last few years, and this track would fit right in with those. I'm just going to check if it's on that list ... Ha! No it isn't! Well perhaps someone should put the Nordic Noir programme makes onto it!

OK - and for completeness, here's a link to the Apple Music playlist with John's songs added to my songs:

Apple Music 3WTM September '15 Playlist

I won't say any more about Apple Music other than that it works out well for my family. I feel a bit bad about abandoning Spotify, but I'm managing so far.

3WTM September Playlist - John's Half

So this month's music playlist has been split between myself and Chris and hopefully you'll get a good mix of music from us both. Although I have to say mine has gone more middle of the road than ever. Not intentionally but just how it is sometimes. The playlist as a whole is available on the excellent Spotify and the terrible Apple Music (see Chris's post for the link).

Five Green Bottles - The Bulletproof Bomb

They're a five piece band from South London, and you can tell hear it in their brawl. It works well as one of the more raw music tracks on this playlist.

Think Yourself Lucky - Frankie and the Heartstrings

After a début album like the one Frankie et al produced it's hard not to have a soft spot for them and despite them not hitting the same highs since this is certainly a strong pop song.

Wolves - One Night Only

I thought One Night Only disappeared along time ago but it appears they didn't. They wrote great middle of the road indie pop. They haven't strayed too far but they seem to still offer a solid track or two. This one matches in perfectly with Chris's recent Wolves obsession with tracks.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing? - Rooney

Another lightweight indie pop track that I can't help but warm to and how can you not when they're named after the principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Planet Earth - Glass Pear

It's difficult to not compare this to ELO and All Over The World. It's not up there in terms of catchyness or quality but it's got a real similar feel to it.

Stay Strange - Dexters

Some terrible band names in this month's playlist and non more so than Dexters but don't judge a book by it's cover. They're a strong guitar band from London and the latest single Stay Strange has more depth to it than it at first appears.

Sylvia - Telekinesis

I'm guessing there aren't many baby girls called Sylvia and so the track name already sets your expectations at a certain level and genre. Described as indie guitar and power pop this band are a real find. The name being the alter-ego of Michael Benjamin Lerner from Seattle.

Bang Pop - Free Energy

70s inspired American guitar pop from Minnesota, works for me.

Pressure Off - Duran Duran

I've ummed and arrred about putting this on the playlist, it's getting radio play and is nothing new but I feel I have to share it with anyone who hasn't caught it yet. Brilliant nostalgic pop.

Let Me In - Grouplove

I know I put them on the playlist last month but I spotted another track not on either of their albums and definitely needed sharing.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

3WTM August Playlist

For those eagle-eyed amongst you, you may notice the August playlist has come out in September but I'm sure you won't hold that against me as it's now on Spotify and Apple. Apple listeners sadly don't have two of the tracks. No YouTube clips this time. If you liked those let me know in comments but I think most people are streaming the playlist.

Black Widow - Reverend and the Makers

The Rev is back and this time there aren't any synths as his Mrs takes time off with the new baby - check out Makin' Babies also on the new album. The album is ready to preorder and you can get those two tracks now when you preorder. Which I have of course done.

No Drama Queen - Grouplove

Having seen Grouplove live a couple of years back with Schonberg I was amazed to find they'd released a second album without telling me. It didn't reach the heights of their great first album and I still hadn't followed them that closely so to find they'd released another track as part of a soundtrack was a pleasant surprise. Check it out.

The Blue Collars - Cheater

I've had a few songs of The Blue Collars on my "evaluate for the blog" playlist for a while now. As mentioned on a previous playlist they remind me of The Twang. The thing is they haven't quite got the melody element like The Twang and are a bit more raw. At times this is great and other times it can grate. If they can get the balance right they could be a band to be reckoned with.

Marching Orders - Editors

It's been a while since I've listened to an Editors track and the band have moved on enough to make their music sound fresh without losing their original appeal.

Brand New Day - Kodaline

Like Keane I guess. Well worth checking out.

Last Day Of Your Life - Glass Pear

If you're in to your cycling, as well as checking out my cycling blog you should also check out the excellent Cycling Podcast (I really can't recommend it enough). This track features as the intro and outro music. I thought it was just a piece written for them but it turns out it is a very accomplished track. Glass Pear are fronted by Yestyn Griffiths who is the younger brother of Jem, remember her? He even co-wrote some songs on her first album so a talented guy. Their guitarist and producer is Tom Welham and it turns out he's a cycling fan as far as I can work out and he is also the guitarist from Thirteen Senses. So during the Tour de France they also used a Thirteen Senses track on the podcast. 

Reconnect - Director

Another discovery through Spotify. Massive in Ireland back in 2006 this was the debut single from the band.

2468 - DJ Yoda

I've been a fan of DJ Yoda after downloading a set he did for Radio 1 quite a while back. I grabbed it off the excellent Pearson Towers web site which sadly, at the time of writing, seems to be no longer in operation. This is taken off his album Breakfast of Champions, which everyone knows is *insert your breakfast here*.

Baby Don't You Lie To Me - The Fratellis

Easy Money - Johnny Marr

OK so I'm slow on to this one but it's a cracking tune.

Marina & I - The Gorgeous Chans

Very Vampire Weekend, if that's your bag then this track will be too. This is the debut single from the band from Nottingham. Pretty tasty for a first effort if you ask me.

Shine - Years & Years

Finally something Years and Years has done has grabbed me and I get where they're coming from. Then again it took me longer than this with MGMT so guys it's me not you.

Cupboard Painted Red - Puppet Rebellion

As previously featured on this blog, the band come up with another strong track.

Daydreamer - Biopolar Sunshine

Dario G mixed with Semisonic. not really but kind of.

Stay High - Spector

The album is now out and on first listen it seems strong, Stay High is the latest single from the album, all have been solid tracks. Not just our house that plays 'veto' on films and songs then.

Walk In Space - Fingathing

Another track to go on the Space themed playlist (Schonberg and Crispie I'm talking to you). Fingathing remind me of Avalanches and Frontier Psychiatrist.

The Whip - Locksley

The Whip being the name of the track not the band. Fratellis-esque crowd anthem track.

Rise and Fall - Dorey the Wise

Starts off very jangley (maybe too much?) but a strong voice rescues the track. One for Frankie and the Heartstrings fans.

Roundabout - The Starkins

Quite a few finds through Spotify (I really must ditch either Spotify or Apple Music but Spotify is winning at the moment). This is one of them, they've got some more recent material but this is a good introduction to the band.

Mountain At My Gates - Foals

I've never really been in to Foals but I like this and I think I'll listen to more off their new album, out now kids.

Sing - Sounds Under Radio

Quite middle of the road but I like a good keyboard backed guitar band.