Wednesday, 30 September 2015

3WTM September Playlist - John's Half

So this month's music playlist has been split between myself and Chris and hopefully you'll get a good mix of music from us both. Although I have to say mine has gone more middle of the road than ever. Not intentionally but just how it is sometimes. The playlist as a whole is available on the excellent Spotify and the terrible Apple Music (see Chris's post for the link).

Five Green Bottles - The Bulletproof Bomb

They're a five piece band from South London, and you can tell hear it in their brawl. It works well as one of the more raw music tracks on this playlist.

Think Yourself Lucky - Frankie and the Heartstrings

After a début album like the one Frankie et al produced it's hard not to have a soft spot for them and despite them not hitting the same highs since this is certainly a strong pop song.

Wolves - One Night Only

I thought One Night Only disappeared along time ago but it appears they didn't. They wrote great middle of the road indie pop. They haven't strayed too far but they seem to still offer a solid track or two. This one matches in perfectly with Chris's recent Wolves obsession with tracks.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing? - Rooney

Another lightweight indie pop track that I can't help but warm to and how can you not when they're named after the principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Planet Earth - Glass Pear

It's difficult to not compare this to ELO and All Over The World. It's not up there in terms of catchyness or quality but it's got a real similar feel to it.

Stay Strange - Dexters

Some terrible band names in this month's playlist and non more so than Dexters but don't judge a book by it's cover. They're a strong guitar band from London and the latest single Stay Strange has more depth to it than it at first appears.

Sylvia - Telekinesis

I'm guessing there aren't many baby girls called Sylvia and so the track name already sets your expectations at a certain level and genre. Described as indie guitar and power pop this band are a real find. The name being the alter-ego of Michael Benjamin Lerner from Seattle.

Bang Pop - Free Energy

70s inspired American guitar pop from Minnesota, works for me.

Pressure Off - Duran Duran

I've ummed and arrred about putting this on the playlist, it's getting radio play and is nothing new but I feel I have to share it with anyone who hasn't caught it yet. Brilliant nostalgic pop.

Let Me In - Grouplove

I know I put them on the playlist last month but I spotted another track not on either of their albums and definitely needed sharing.

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