Monday, 11 July 2016

3WTM July Playlist 2016 - New (ish) Music

After a rest in June we're back with some more tracks for you to sample. Just me and Chris this month and as you didn't get last month's you can have it early this month!

Chris’s Contributions

Friends – Eliza and the Bear – Eliza and the Bear

This song seems to turn up quite a bit, but I can’t remember any of the places I’ve heard it. Great song, even if the appeal is a little obvious.

Automatic – Wolf Parade – Wold Parade EP 4

Another song for the ‘wolf’ playlist. Another upbeat driving rhythm which I tend to be a sucker for.

Back of Beyond – Band of Skulls – By Default

What a great album ‘By Default’ is with a reasonably varied collection of songs. It’s an album I’ve listened to quite a few times, and am actually getting to know. This is one of the catchy best though, but it was tricky to know which track to go for to represent the album.

So We Can Stay Alive – Garbage – Strange Little Birds

Garbage are back. I can’t say that I know much of their earlier stuff, only the well-known tracks. Well this is an interesting album – a bit dark/heavy in places, but tempered with the odd major chord and interesting melody. Interesting and well-structured songs, any of a number of tracks could have featured in the playlist.

Tahabort – Imarahan – Imarahan

Who doesn’t like a bit of music from Southern Algeria? OK, so I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but that’s true of a lot of stuff I listen to – not because it’s foreign, but because I don’t put a huge amount of effort into listening to the lyrics. Instrumentally, I love these songs, and have quite easily listened to the whole album a couple of times without understanding a word of what’s being sung about. Their bandcamp page for this track describes their style as ‘hypnotic, sublime jazz, funk desert riffs’.

John's Contributions

Cut Out Club - Out Of My World
A band from Tel Aviv that I think I found through Spotify's Discover playlist. It's a playlist tailored for each subscriber and changes each week. What a great idea. 

Sometimes - Oscar
Taken from his debut album 'Cut and Paste' this a great little pop number from the London based artist.

Guns - Broken Wit Rebels
For me they sound like Kings of Leon but what do I know? They will be playing at Tramlines as well as many other dates this month so you can check them out yourselves...

Fountains Of Youth - Local Natives
After enjoying their debut album so much they went off my radar when their second album didn't quite hit the same highs. This is their second recent track and I'm enjoying it very much.

Take It Out On Me - White Lies
What a great band White Lies are live. The guys voice is just amazing and I like this new track from them. If you haven't been in to them before check out the track Death, I think it's still my most played track on iTunes ...ever!

Big Quiet - The Dead Ships
A band from LA that have a great vibe about them. Indie pop guitar just the way I like it.

The Walls Are Coming Down - Fanfarlo
This is a track I've had kicking about on Spotify playlists for a couple of months. It's from 2009 so you may be familiar with it already.

Neon Experience - Junius Meyvant
As I get to contribute more this month without Neil's additions I get to add another one from Junius. A great soulful voice.

Poem - She Drew The Gun
A relatively new outfit, having started as a solo artist in 2013, Louisa Roach has since turned her project in to a band.

Solitude - M83 
A French electronic band. How did they get on this playlist. Heard off a work colleague's streaming service is about as random as I get when it comes to discoveries. 

So Natural - North American
Relaxing, dreamy track. I can imagine listening to this in the sun and it being heaven.

The Song They Play Everynight - Little Green Cars:

What's on next?
"The Song They Play Everynight."
What is it? 
"The Song They Play Everynight."