Monday, 8 December 2008

Bristol Scene: Call The Doctor

Following on from Laid Blak, we now have Call The Doctor. A very new, unsigned band who I have just managed to get my mits on a few of their demos. The band includes former front man for The Vigin Stages, Rob Hallworth who is now concentrating more on writing and only adds backing vocals and guitar to lead singer Rachel Aberhart. Rachel's vocals are really strong and judging by the pictures she looks a great lead singer.

Sadly I can't bring you a picture of the band as a whole but these pics are taken from their MySpace site. Below is a demo from the band and also a demo from The Virgin Stages limited edition demo CD. They played at The Louisiana don't you know. Visit Call The Doctor's MySpace site.

MP3: 4 Leafed Clover (demo) - Call The Doctor.

MP3: To Never Know - The Virgin Stages

How do I know Call The Doctor? My wife is a former house mate of Rob's (and two of the other band members of The Virgin Stages).

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Anonymous said...

CTD gig: Mothers Ruin, 7th Feb 9pm