Sunday, 2 November 2008

Ray Gardner Is My Hero

When I was a kid I loved adverts, I spent far too much time in front of the TV doing nothing and I would often play the advert game. What you had to do was guess the product before the brand or product was shown. I got so good at it I used to be able to win even if I hadn't seen the advert before. My technique for winning was to not tell the other person we were playing until I'd got the first advert and then I was always one up!

Anyway, if you're from the UK I'm sure you remember the "You've been Tango'd" adverts where a fat guy painted Orange would walk up to someone and smack them on the chops. This caught on in school and everyone was smacking each other around the chops and saying "you've been Tango'd". Schools soon banned that, they spoiled all our fun.

As time moved on Tango tried to come up with a new advert and they came up with Ray Gardner and our friend Sebastien. Sebastien was a French exchange student who had tried Blackcurrant Tango (or BCT as Ray moves on to call it) and didn't enjoy it as much as Tango's other flavours. As a spokesperson for Tango, Ray replies to Sebastien as we'd all like to reply to petty complaints at work.

The music featured in the advert is Don't You Want Me by Felix and despite having been remixed and released many times before it was again released, this time with Ray Gardner on it. I remember by now I was going to clubs and every time this song came on blokes would (hilariously) pretend to strip down for a fight like Ray does in the video.

The track with Ray took a lot of finding but eventually I managed to track it down on eBay and so here it is for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Don't you want me ('96 pugilist mix) - Felix

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