Friday, 28 November 2008

Missing Link Part 4

Ok, this is how it works. I post a song each day (ish) and you have to guess what all the songs have in common. If you get the answer please don't post a comment so that other people can have a go and I'll post the answer at the end. It's just an excuse to post some good songs...

With this being a bit of a quiz you're getting lots of 90's music and what represents Britpop better than Menswear. The boys in suits who were perfect for the front of magazines never recovered from the hype of being on the front of Select (a no longer running music mag).

MP3: We Love You - Menswear

I'm feeling generous so I'm going to give you another song today, please don't throw the "excuse to post good songs" back in my face, I'm a bit delicate at the moment.

MP3: Rule The World - Take That

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