Monday, 15 February 2010

The Sunshine Underground - Nobody's Coming To Save You :Album Review

If you don't already know, I'm a massive fan of The Sunshine Underground's debut album Raise The Alarm. Somehow I missed all the hype surrounding the album's release and discovered it's (and the band's) greatness without all the hype clouding my ability to enjoy the record.

Four years on and finally we get chance to sample the Leeds band's new offering. If I had not heard the albums before I would tell you that this is their debut and Raise The Alarm is their second album. Nobody's Coming To Save You seems to be the album with twenty years worth of influences squeezed inside it. The Rapture, The Charlatans, Shed Seven, Happy Mondays, even Coldplay, OK maybe just 'Yellow', but even so the sound is back towards mainstream 90's indie rock. There's no problem with that and a lot of the time it works, Craig Wellington's got the vocals to carry it off and there are certainly more than just a few highlights on the album.

So what's the album like? It feels at times that there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears gone in to the album. There's more than that, there's real talent there but for some reason it hasn't quite clicked the same. The dancing beats don't meet the anthemic vocals at the same time and the energy is lost. That doesn't make it a bad album, in fact I've not listened to anything else in my car since it arrived. Lots of tracks stand out like 'Coming To Save You', 'We've Always Been Your Friends', 'In Your Arms', 'A Warning Sign' and 'The Messiah'. The question is how long will they stay on my iPod and will they reach my most played?

Not long enough and probably not.

Enjoy this alternative version of We've Always Been You're Friends kindly given the OK to post by their record label.


Dancingbear said...

Great review - I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of the new Album from Amazon!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new album! The first album is so brilliant and I was a bit nervous(!) that I would be disappointed with Nobody's Coming to Save You. It's fantastic! Going to see them on Friday in Leeds - very excited!