Saturday, 29 May 2010

Coming Up In Bristol...

Ever since I moved to Bristol from Reading I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of gigs in the area. Working in storage in Bristol I look forward to my evenings and weekends! The 9s record company Atomic Records got in touch to let me know they will be playing in Bristol on the 4th. Not only that but they have a single out called Empire Strikes Back. A sure fire way to make me check them out. I think American rock with a slight EMO twist might give you an idea of how they sound but you can check them out for yourselves by visiting their bandcamp site where you can download some tracks for free as well as buy the Star Wars named single.

Who else? Only La Folie! Yes the Sheffield band who have featured on here before are performing at The Cooler on the 3rd June. Thanks to Rob of Call The Doctor for the tip off and a hand in bringing them down to this neck of the woods. Anyone fancy going to the gig with me?

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