Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Vaccines - Not Long Now

It's not long now until the debut album is out from The Vaccines. You may remember me posting If You Wanna back in August, well that's now their new single but you can download Wrecking Bar (ra ra ra) and Blow It Up and then get across to and pre-order their album for £6.99.


Anonymous said...

...or buy it from your local independent music store. There's more to life than Play and Amazon - keep music independent!

Anonymous said...

ugh, vaccines: a group of silverspoon fed richboys singing boring rehashed songs.

Jal said...

If you're going to leave a negative comment at least have some balls and not do it anonymously.

If you want to add a link to an independent shop that let's you buy online feel free, I'm all for that.

RE: ugh, vaccines. There's so few decent guitar bands at the moment, I'm happy to have them.

Neil said...

I wouldn't say buying from an independent music store is a negative comment!

Jal said...

Well it's hardly saying "thanks for the post, I really enjoyed reading it / thanks for pointing out those tracks."

Like I said, if anyone wants to add a link to an independent music shop that you can order online with I'd be more than happy.