Monday, 9 January 2012

Allo Darlin' - Darren

It's unlikely that I will get to see any bands play live in January, so to compensate for this I'm already booked to see three gigs in February. Next month will see Field Music play at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, Grouplove play the Leadmill in Sheffield and this lot (Allo Darlin') play a little-known venue in Sheffield by the name of The Shakespeare.

I'd never encountered Allo Darlin' before, I decided on a ticket after finding out that the support would be provided by Sheffield favourites Standard Fare and Leeds new-comers This Many Boyfriends. How excited I was to find that Allo Darlin', despite having a crap name, sound absolutely fantastic. If you get chance, make your way over to their bandcamp page where you can listen to their latest offering 'Darren' and the amazing b-side 'Wu Tang Clan'. This stuff is right up my street.

I bought two tickets for the gig (after all, there's nothing more lonely than going to a gig on your own), but am yet to finalise on a buddy to go along with. It's up fro grabs if anyone wants to join me?

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Jal said...

Well they've sold out so I'm sure you'll have some takers. It's weird (in a good way) to come to "my" blog and find two posts I didn't know about. Keep entertaining us Schonberg and keep the new music coming.