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Grouplove / Two Wounded Birds - Sheffield Leadmill, 18 February 2012

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It's three years since the last time Jal and Schönberg managed to get to the same gig, but this is what happened last Saturday when Mrs Schönberg was laid up with the dreaded lurgi. The lure of Grouplove and their own brand of indie pop was too much for Jal and as the gig was sold out the offer of a ticket was most welcome.

First up was Two Wounded Birds, hailing from Margate and sounding like a mash-up between the Vaccines and Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. The band seemed to be undecided as to what they want to be; a sub-three minute power chord number would be followed by surfer rock 'n' roll reminiscent of the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. It must be said, however, that both genres sounded good.

The headline act hit the stage with tremendous gusto and never looked back. Their debut album (and a few other songs) were delivered professionally and with great energy - I think even if you didn't like what Grouplove had to offer then you would still enjoy and be entertained by their live performance. I certainly enjoyed every minute, well, except for having to listen to Jal shout out the chorus to 'Tongue-tied' and the like! I think Jal also enjoyed himself, he even set himself the task of meeting the band afterwards to let them know how much he's enjoyed it (see picture below).

So, if you get chance to catch Grouplove during their current tour then take it, you won't be disappointed.

Stream: All we wanna do by Two Wounded Birds
All We Wanna Do by Two Wounded Birds

Stream: Colours by Grouplove
Grouplove - Colours by Atlantic Records UK

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