Monday, 21 October 2013

Introducing Vlks

When someone says to me "you should check out my friend's band, they're pretty good" I'm inclined to ignore them. Occasional writer for this blog, +John Sills, didn't stop there. The band released another EP and again he told me I should listen to them. Again I didn't bother. Then he tells me a promoter has picked them up and now I'm interested. Why has it taken me so long to listen to this band? John's taste in music is good, his recommendations on this blog in the past have been spot on. It was clearly the whole 'mates band' thing, so I'm sorry John and also Vlks that it's taken me so long to pick up on you. So folks don't let time tick by, check out this band now and see if they're for you. Clutter is taken off their most recent EP, Vlks X.

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