Sunday, 22 December 2013

NONONO - Pumping Blood

Do you remember in the past when you couldn't have a song as soon as you heard it. Where you had to hunt down a song you'd heard. You'd start with how it sounded, hope someone knew what you were on about and hopefully put a name to the song (I remember going in to HMV and signing a song to the woman behind the counter, unsurprisingly she didn't recognise one of the best selling songs that year). Well I knew I'd heard a song I liked, I'd even Shazamed the song but then destroyed my phone by throwing it in a pint of squash. GET ON WITH IT I hear you cry. So you've guessed the song I like is the one above, it's the filler during Final Score on BBC. The official version isn't available on iTunes in the UK, only a remix. How you get the proper version is up to you, all I'm saying is that the thrill is in the chase and I have the proper version.

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