Monday, 9 June 2014

Without A Car I'm A Bit Stranded

With my car breaking down recently I'm a bit stranded and as I contemplate scrapping it my heart sinks. I've only just invested in a new stereo allowing me to plug my iPhone and listen to 32GB of songs. So maybe it was perfect timing to receive The Sunshine Underground's new album on CD. Using one of those old fashioned things in my wife's car was the only way I was going to listen to any new music. It's a mixed bag as albums go, a real step away from their previous albums, certainly a long way from their first album which I particularly enjoyed. Out goes the guitars and in comes electronica. Not a big surprise as I'd already heard their new material when I saw them live. Album opener 'Start' particularly stood out live (I think they opened with it funnily enough) but I've really got hooked on the catchy 'It Is Only You' above. I just hope I don't get bored of it before I sort my car out. It will have been a month since it died tomorrow...

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