Friday, 15 May 2015

A Few More Tracks To Share

Oops - forgot to publish this a couple of weeks ago - anyway, here it is.

Inspired by John's excellent playlists, I thought I'd share a few more tracks which seem to me to have something special. Many of these are already on my 'Great Songs To Share' Spotify list.

I'll start with an old track - and one which I'd never heard of until it was played on 6 Music the other night - it's 'Vitamin C' by Can from 1972. I'd never even heard of Can - they were apparently an experimental outfit who produced some stuff that even their mothers would struggle to like - well I don't think that's true of this track.

Right ... next up, Laleh and 'Speaking of Truth' - and OH WOW. A recent release is 'Speaking Of Truth - Orchestrated'

This has got absolutely beautiful orchestration in it, and stunning singing - I have listened to it many times. So, just now, when I was searching for the link to paste into this article, I found the original song from a couple of years ago - and what a cracking original. I think I probably prefer it, so here it is:

I have subsequently bought the album with the original on it, but had to buy an imported CD as it hasn't been released in the UK. It's a great album with some songs in Swedish on it.

Just another great song - I don't know anything about Aurora, but here she is with 'Running With The Wolves':

You probably don't need me to introduce you to this track, but it is stunning and is included anyway. The National and Sunshine On My Back

OK, next up, Zac Brown Band, Chris Cornel wtih Heavy Is The Head. Great.

Oh! No link! Yet another excellent Django Django track - Shake And Trouble, but it's not on YouTube or Soundcloud. Oh well - have a listen somehow if you can.

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