Saturday, 4 November 2017

3WTM October Playlist

Just me (John) this month but I've got a bumper selection of songs for you. A real mix of new bands and old bands returning with new material.  Check them out on Apple and Spotify as normal.

Up All Night - Beck
A few (normal) people on Twitter were saying how good this track so I had a little listen. Not what I would normally expect from Beck but good all the same.

Rosie - Jordan Allen
What a great find. Sounds like Pigeon Detectives to me.

Room In My House - Shed Seven
Back with a new album and out on tour again, it seems like all the nineties pop bands are coming up with songs and touring again. It makes it even harder to believe that the music industry is poor. Either that or there isn't any better work out there for musicians.

Under A Million Lights - Tom Chaplin
More new material from Tom, once of Keane, maybe he's more than a flash in the pan now he's writing his own tracks.

Take Me Home - Milburn
The brains behind Milburn, Joe Carnall, has been working closely with Reverend and the Makers and I incorrectly credited John McClure with writing Juliet Knows (by RatM) when in fact it was Joe. This track with Joe's original band is not in the same vain but has a nice little hook to it.

Hourglass - Imitating Aeroplanes

Tord Øverland Knudsen out of The Wombats is part of this band and it has more of a Norwegian feel than The Wombats do. In fact I would never have put the two together. I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Can't Do - Everything Everything

More quality from EE, as I said last month, nothing new in terms of style but great all the same.

Distance Yourself - Baby Strange

The lead singer's voice has a bit of the Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs about it.

Loveblood - Sundra Karma

Always makes me thinks it is Arcade Fire when it comes on. 100% compliment. I discovered this after featuring one of Sundra's other songs on here.

New Home - The Bay Rays

I feel like this has an 70s or 80s rock feel to it but as they're a bit before my time I can't say that for sure. A good, upbeat track.

Losing Your Love - Paris Youth Foundation

This Liverpool band have been described as Wolf Alice meets The Strokes by the NME.

Black Magic - The Amazons

My daughter was disappointed when this wasn't Little Mix - I wasn't!

Go - Valley Lodge

I've got this from Shazaming a football related programme, maybe Final Score on the BBC? It's got a real hook of a riff! UPDATE: It's from the excellent Thrice Champions Podcast, they use it on the intro.

The Man - The Killers

I'm enjoying this track from The Killers, quite a lot of synths but that's no bad thing.

Oxygen - Catfish and the Bottlemen

I've always enjoyed CatB without me really getting in to them. This suggests to me I should be checking out more of their material.

Dangerous Day - Space

I was a big fan of Space back in the day and I was interested to hear what new material from them would be like. It's not bad but I'm not jumping for joy just yet. Shared more out of interest than anything else.

Almost Human - Air Traffic

Somehow two of my email addresses are subscribed to Air Traffic's mailing list. So I was fully aware they were touring again and they have released this single as part of their tour. Not bad guys.

Friend of a Friend - Red Rum Club

Another Liverpool band who are missing a trick if you ask me, if I was them I'd have my logo with the two Rs backwards as a nod to The Shining.

Detectorists - Johnny Flynn

The theme tune to the excellent BBC Four comedy written by Mackenzie Crook which he stars in alongside the brilliant Toby Jones. It's a slow moving comedy about two guys who spend most of their time with their metal detectors, making them "detectorists".

Go Mental - Robbie Williams

Not politically correct in this time of mental health awareness as my wife tells me but I can't help yelling along as well as joining in on the soul side of the song.

Holy Mountain - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

I know this song is everywhere but I'm really enjoying it. I was surprised to hear my colleagues don't feel the same, including a long time Noel fan. Is it just me? Comment below to give me your view. The sample is The Ice Cream and their track, The Chewin' Gum Kid.

Caught By The Wind - The Stereophonics

I like their latest single and it's great to see them doing so well twenty years and ten albums since they burst on to the scene. Hurry up and wait indeed.

Warriors - Too Many Zooz

The latest iPhone advert track, Discovered playing in a subway allegedly.

One of Us - New Politics

Danish pop band from Copenhagen, they've been around for years but this is one of their latest tracks.

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