Friday, 23 May 2008

If I Didn't Have The Internet I Wouldn't Be In To Them (and they know so...)

I thought I'd put together a playlist of the songs or bands that I wouldn't be in to if it wasn't for the internet (as The Courteeners sing about). The whole reason I read other people's blogs is to find songs or bands that I wouldn't hear about otherwise. I may have to listen to ten or even twenty songs before I find one that's good enough to go on a playlist but I don't think that's a bad ratio, is it?

First up has to be "Trash" by The Whip. A great track but as soon as you hear it you realise there's no chance it's going to be on Radio 1 (or many other stations come to that). It may not be radio friendly but it was one of my favourite tracks for 2007 and I've told everyone and anyone who will listen. The albums not bad either, it sounds a bit like New Order which is strange 'cause "Trash" sounds nothing like them.

MP3: Trash - The Whip

"Commercial Breakdown" by The Sunshine Underground is a song I listened to lots on myspace and along with Borders and Put You In Your Place convinced me to buy the album. It has to be one of my favourite albums of 2007 (although it was released in 2006). It's also the song I use to psyche myself up before football.

MP3: Commercial Breakdown - The Sunshine Underground

"Stand Up" by The Dead 60s is a song I got in to through a mash-up I found on the internet. There are some great sites out there offering downloads of mashups, I recommend visiting Bootie and Mashup Town. On Bootie you can download their "Best Of" for the last few years - well worth it.

MP3: Stand Up - The Dead 60s

Bonus MP3: Got To Stand It Up - Dj Zebra (Mashup)

"I Will Wait For You" by Tiny Dancers is a song I wouldn't normally like but there's something catchy about it and, because I like supporting artists (aren't I up my own arse) I bought the album. To my surprise I really like the album and while it's a bit cheesy in places I've listened to it loads.

MP3: I Will Wait For You - Tiny Dancers (zShare link)

"Fake Empire" by The National is a song that all the blogs went mad about and I really like. It's a broody kind of song with the lead singer having a great, deep voice. Sadly in my eyes the album didn't live up to the song's promise, going slower and deeper. The album may not be my cup of tea but the "Fake Empire" is a great song.

MP3: Fake Empire - The National/

"The Money Song" by Team 9. For me a good mashup is something new, either by using songs I haven't heard before or by using them in a way that makes them sound totally different. You can't improve on a great song so why not do something different. This is a great mashup of songs all to do with money. You can't help but walk around singing "more money, more cash, more hoes...".

MP3: The Money Song - Team 9

"Stay The Night" by Ghosts. A song all about trying to get a woman to stay the night (funnily enough). I though they were going to be the next Keane, the album didn't live up to those expectations but there's still a few good tracks on there.

MP3: Stay The Night - Ghosts

"Rich Girls" by The Virgins. I should get a few hits through google for that! Hell, who hasn't tried searching for rich virginal girls on the internet - just me then. This was a great find, I first discovered them on All Things Go one of the first blogs I got in to. What a bass line, listen to them on your iPod and you can't help but walk thinking you're cool.

MP3: Rich Girls - The Virgins (highly recommend)

"Tie Up My Hands" by British India. I think this band are from Australia as far as I can work out. However, I asked a friend to pick a copy of the album up while he was over there but he couldn't find it. Although between me and you I think he was to busy schmoozing pretty American women...

MP3: Tie Up My hands - British India

"You! Me! Dancing!" by Los Campesinos!. A song that builds up and gets you, well, dancing.

MP3: You! Me! Dancing! - Los Campesinos

"Setting Sun" by The Aliens. A song that sounds like a classic song from the 70s. I think The Aliens were formed out of the remains of Beta Band. Great guitar and great voice.

MP3: Setting Sun - The Aliens

"Daddy's Gone" by Glasvegas. The next big thing out of Scotland? Well people say that and then say they're the next The Jesus and Mary Chain - do the two go together? Anyway this song was voted number 2 in the NME 2007 tracks / singles list.

MP3: Daddy's Gone - Glasvegas

"Knots" by Pete & The Pirates. I bought their album recently and these guys like to sing about nothing but bed as far as I can work out. We saw them live a while ago and as Megan pointed out two of them looked cool and two of them looked like geeks. That's not a bad way to describe their music - some of it's cool and some of it's, well, wet. This is one of the only songs they don't mention bed in...

MP3: Knots - Pete & The Pirates

"I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode" by The Paper Cranes. A lovely sentiment, I'm sure you'll agree. My friend Matt likes singers with distinctive voices, I'm sure he'll like this band.

MP3: I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode - The Paper Cranes

"Death" by White Lies. I saw them on Later...with Jools Holland last night or at least I think it was them because they had a GREAT resemblance to Interpol. It's not jolly music but it's good. They're touring the UK in September I'd get your tickets now. I have a "smart playlist" in iTunes which is "recently added most played" and White Lies are number two and three.

MP3: Death - White Lies

"A Distinctive Sound" by Gotye. A guy who likes to sample lots of different elements and has been compared to The Avalanches.

MP3: A Distinctive Sound - Gotye

"If That's The Case Then I Don't Know" by The Electric Soft Parade. Like The Dead 60s, I'd heard of them already (I had their previous two albums) but having been disappointed by the last album I probably wouldn't have listened to them again. This song's great though, a return to the form of their first album (definitely worth buying), sadly the rest of the album is more like the second album...

MP3: If That's The Case Then I Don't Know - The Electric Soft Parade

"Long Distance Call" by Phoenix. A summer song, "it's never been like that, it's never been like that...".

MP3: Long Distance Call - Phoenix

"Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend's album is supposed to be the Graceland album of our generation. I don't know about that, I think that's a lazy comparison because they both have "Afro" influences but I like the music none the less.

MP3: Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend

"Cavorting" by The Courteeners. OK, I would probably have got in to them eventually without the internet but finding them on a blog meant I could go and see them (twice) in small venues before they move on to stadiums. This is the original version although the album version is much different. Oh and buy the album, I think it's going to be my favourite of 2008.

MP3: Cavorting - The Courteeners


Sphinx said...

Just a quick note to say that that was an ACE playlist.
Loads of good choons on there!

Jal said...

Thanks sphinx, if only I could remember whose blog(s) I got them from and then I could thank them.