Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Album Review: Parka - Attack Of The Hundred Yard Hardman

Parka are a band I saw supporting Switches in April '07 and I've followed their progress since then. They are from Glasgow and the first thing that stands out about them is that they've got a guy on a saxaphone. Other than that they are a tough band to pigeon hole and when you look under influences on their MySpace site they don't have any listed. This is probably because there are too many to list and when I tried to decide their main one I kept changing my mind each time I've listened to it. I started by thinking they sound a bit like Primal Scream but I don't think that's anywhere near, maybe a bit of Carter USM but again that doesn't nail it on the head either. I guess the reason I keep changing my mind is that there's such a range on the album and choosing the tracks to represent the album is equally as tough. Just when you think you've decided what they sound like "Stay Away" comes on and it sounds like Oasis from the '96 era. It's a great song but sticks out like an Eminem CD in your Dad's Everly Brothers LP collection. Oh and I think Wake Up Call sounds a bit like Biffy Clyro's Who's Got A Match - I give up!

Generally, I think they sound like they are from the early 90's. Iin fact, in the Chumbawumba sounding track DJ In The Corner they mention the DJ taking them back to 1989 and they've not done a bad job of that themselves. The only problem is at the moment everyone seems to be going back to the 80's with bands like MGMT and even The Futureheads Beginning Of The Twist sounds like an 80's throwback.

The album's a good listen and worth having but it just doesn't have an oustanding track on it. Saying that there are no terrible tracks either. Most of the time it is high tempo and perhaps this supports the lyrics which often talk about going out or dancing. Have a listen and see what you think but I can't promise the whole album will sound like the songs below.

MP3: Mr Optimistic - Parka

MP3: If You Wanna? - Parka

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