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What's Wrong With Mainstream - June '08

This is post has been deleted once so I have removed the links.

Well it's been a quiet month for up and coming bands as we've seen some releases from bands that have been round the block a bit (Spiritualized and Coldplay spring to mind) and also releases from bands starting to make it in to the mainstream - how good is it that The Ting Tings got to number one in the singles chart?I may also have taken my eye off the music scene as I've been watching the Euros and growing old. However, there are some good tracks in this month's playlist, some are ripped off the radio so you'll have to forgive me on the quality of a few of them.

Bide Your Time - The Courteeners

Why this song hasn't been released as a single I don't know, all I can think is that it's too mainstream and they didn't want to alienate their following (see Hard-Fi and Living For The Weekend - which I also love). If this doesn't convince you to buy the album nothing will.

MP3: Bide Your Time - The Courteeners

Impatience - We Are Scientists

I must admit to being a bit disappointed by the latest album and yet I really like After Hours and this track Impatience. Why they decided to release Chick Lit ahead of this I don't know.

MP3: Impatience - We Are Scientists

Soul On Fire - Spiritualized

The first single taken off the new album which I reviewed here.

MP3: Soul On Fire - Spiritualized

Letting Go - Team Water Polo

Certainly a contrasting song from the Spiritualized song, an upbeat, happy song, if not a little repetitive. Thanks to Good Weather For Airstrikes for the tip off on these. These guys from Preston are currently playing at Glasto (twice). Like what your hear, then hear more here.

MP3: Letting Go - Team Water Polo

Run The Red Light - British India

I've finally managed to get my hands on the British India album and it's not bad. I've only listened to it a couple of times but here's another track for you to try out. Let me know if you like it and I'll do a review of the album when I've listened to it more.

MP3: Run The Red Light - British India

Hippy's Son - Dirty Pretty Things

I've read mixed reviews about their new material but I've been pleasantly surprised by the single and this free download. I was really disappointed by the first album so maybe the next one will be an improvement.

MP3: Hippy's Son - Dirty Pretty Things

Forget-Me-Nots - Fear Of Flying

Last month I posted the great track Unfinished Business by White Lies. White Lies were born out of the ashes of Fear Of Flying so I thought you might want to hear something by them.

MP3: Forget-Me-Nots - Fear Of Flying

Strength In Numbers - The Music

Try searching for information on The Music using google and you don't tend to get anywhere quickly. What I do know is that their new album was out earlier this month so if anyone fancies doing a review for 3WTM they're more than welcome (Sillsy?).

MP3: Strength In Numbers - The Music

One Day Like This - Elbow (Highly Recommend)

If you've been following Euro 2008 you may have noticed that ITV (the non-Steve McClaren supporting channel) have been using an Elbow track a lot of the time. Well it's this great track taken off the new album (and recent single). I think it's the best track off the album. They also closed their Glastonbury set with it.

MP3: One Day Like This - Elbow

GFC - Albert Hammond Jr.

Having got hold of the track last month from his old album I was keen to hear more, if you were thinking the same try this out from his latest album. It's set for release in the UK on 7th July.

MP3: GFC - Albert Hammond Jr.

Private Affair - The Virgins

Their latest album has finally been released in the US so I've been able to get hold of another song from them. It's a good song but there's still no news of when anything will be released over here.

MP3: Private Affair - The Virgins

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

Well the blog world and magazines are going mad for these guys. "The next big American band" use harmonies (five male singers I believe) to create a new sound - Ted from Scrubs would be so proud. I heard they were playing in Bristol at The Louisiana the other day, 50ish people probably enjoyed a great sold out gig that very few other people will ever experience.

MP3: White Winter Hymnal

Revolution In The Heart - Ed Harcourt

I can't believe I've not heard this before, it's a beautiful track and I think this is what bloging is all about, if it hadn't been for Rock Sellout I would never have found this track (it was originally released in 2006). I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been doing.

MP3: Revolution In The Heart - Ed Harcourt

Men - The Dodos

The Dodos have been around on the blogs for a while but they are only just starting to release stuff over here. I'm hoping that The Virgins will follow in the same vein.

MP3: Men - The Dodos

Violent &Young - Iglu & Hartley

Eminem teaming up with Limp Bizkit? Well that's what it sounds like, strangely catchy and again thanks to Good Weather For Airstrikes for this one.

MP3: Violent & Young - Iglu & Hartley

Geraldine (demo) - Glasvegas

As the single version of this is released Alan McGee is proclaiming them as THE most important band to come out of Scotland, since when has he ever been able to spot a great band in the making...

MP3: Geraldine (demo) - Glasvegas

Stay Away - Parka

Staying on the Oasis theme this is Parka's tribute to them with a real throwback to 96/97. This track is like nothing else on the album.

MP3: Stay Away - Parka

Love Is Noise - The Verve

Wow, there are some mixed reviews out there for this return from The Verve, people don't seem to like the fact that they've teamed up with Pingu.

MP3: Love Is Noise - The Verve

Broke Up The Time - Futureheads

Another song from the Futureheads latest release.

MP3: Broke Up The Time - Future Heads

Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros are probably most famous in the UK for their song being used throughout the Planet Earth series on BBC 1. I can't say the release of their new album filled me with excitement but I was pleasantly surprised by this offering, see what you think.

Mp3: Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros

White Lies - Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets are a band that sound a bit like The Killers and their album came out in March (I have only just discovered) so I'll be getting hold of a copy of that at some point. Not currently available on or in Zavi in Bristol City Centre sadly.

MP3: White Lies - Dirty Secrets

Hearts On Fire - Cut Copy

Straight out of the Eighties and by request from Schönberg.

MP3: Hearts On Fire - Cut Copy

22 songs you say? You lucky, lucky people. All comments / feedback welcome, let me know if any links don't work.

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