Saturday, 9 August 2008

Album Review: Sigur Ros - með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

How do I start with this one? Jo Whiley (Radio 1 DJ) introduced them by saying if you like Radiohead, Elbow and Arcade Fire you may like these. Who are we to argue with the Dave Grohl obsessed blonde? Sigur Ros are a band who shirk the main stream by mainly recording in their native tongue, this wouldn't affect your sales much if you came from New Zealand but when you're from Iceland it's a brave move (the country not the freezer food shop). The result is an atmospheric album where you feel the music rather than understand it.

The album opens with the first single off the album, Gobbledigook, and swiftly followed by the upbeat Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur. Two upbeat songs, not dismililar to Arcade Fire's Rebellion (Lies). The tempo then slows and you think you have duped by the singles and it's actually going to be a slow relaxing album and then Festival starts.

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As Festival starts you can see the similarities to Radiohead that Jo Whiley was pointing to. Four minutes of just the lead singer singing nothing else (remember this is all in Icelandic) and then there's a pause. The guitars and beating drum comes in. Along with the strings the song builds and builds for the next six minutes. Here at What's Wrong With The Mainstream I can exclusively reveal this music will be used for the Olympic montage they do on the Beeb at the end of it all to show our medal heroes and our even more adored losers. When I finished listening to the song in my car I said to myself that's a f***ing good song. It's not very often a swear to myself nevermind talk to myself in the car. However, don't believe the hype, I played this to my other half and she was non too impressed so each to their own I guess.

The album then goes back to the slow paced atmospheric music, which while pleasant and well written it never again reaches the heights of Festival or the opening two songs. Don't let that put you off though, there are some beautiful pieces of music on the album it's just most of the time I like mine to be uplifting and fast tempoed. Overall it's a good addition to my CD collection and those of you who like Hoppipolla (previous successful Sigur Ros song) will find something to like in the songs I've listed above - please don't make me type them out again!

Festival - Sigur Ros

MP3: Festival - Sigur Ros

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Anonymous said...

I like it - I'm a big fan of The Arcade Fire, and as much as I despise Jo Whiley, have to agree with her similes.

A definite Sunday afternoon album I would say.

Great review!