Sunday, 6 December 2009

3WTM's EP of the Year

As always with the blog, I comment on music as it comes to my attention, it doesn't matter whether it was recorded 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago, if I'm playing it now then I talk about it. What's Wrong With The Mainstream's EP of the Year only came to my attention this year but I believe it was released last year. Who cares.

We get quite a lot of EPs sent to the 3WTM inbox and there certainly has been competition for this accolade. However, this EP has three tracks that are so good that if they were on a ten track album you'd pick these as the singles. I believe The Twang's earlier EP had Wide Awake and Either Way on, I just hope this EP can lead on to the same success as The Twang's did.

You, dear regular reader, are totally aware of this band as we have mentioned Kalenko on here many times BUT I've saved the best for this post. 12 (Twelve) is the track that got me in to them and originally all I had to post was a cover of the track, now I have the original version. Enjoy and get in touch with Kalenko and get hold of their EP, there is still one track off it I haven't posted.

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