Monday, 7 December 2009

Important Interuption

Before another post for our end of year awards I thought I'd better point out that The Courteeners are back with a new track and their new album 'Falcon' is out in February. Speaking on Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 Liam said it was the fastest song he's every written, saying he'd written it on the piano in 5 minutes when taking a break from the band.

It's an unexpected sound and definitely a change of direction. Zane was quick to point out that while it was a more mature sound it wasn't necessarily a reflection of the new album as a whole. A friend of mine described the first album of The Courteeners rock 'n' roll by numbers, as most rock stars probably can't count it's probably no surprise that the well educated Fray is the only one able to complete all the numbers. I also remember similar comments being made about Oasis at their peak yet no one was able to replicate their success.

As an early Christmas present the band have made the song available for free and if you go on their web site you can get tickets for their gigs ahead of the crowds and an exclusive pre-order offer for the album

MP3: Cross My Heart and Hope to Fly - The Courteeners

You can try to get it from their web site but I have been slapped on the wrist for offering a free download of a free download. Think of that what you may...

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little bo peep said...

I thought it was a bit dull but then again it might just be a grower....