Thursday, 9 September 2010

The 48ks - Flick 'em the V's

From Donny (Doncaster to pretty much everyone outside of South Yorkshire) and a band with a surprising description on their MySpace. Now before I tell you what their site says I should point out I like this band, I downloaded their free EP, thank you very much and as the MP3s weren't labelled with the bands name I actually went to the effort of reminding myself of who they were. Now I'm lazy and if I didn't like the track I wouldn't have bothered. However the description on the MySpace did not match my experience. Words like "original", "fresh" and "contemporary" are certainly not how I would describe this band. They're a good old fashioned rock n roll band, I can imagine hearing them in a pub and parting with some cash as their catchy tunes got straight in my head. On getting home I would have been pleased with my purchase. As I've got the tracks for free they've managed to endear themselves to a tight Yorkshireman. Check them out. Download the whole EP from their MySpace and remember they're The 48ks.

MP3: Gotta Get Out - The 48ks 

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