Thursday, 30 September 2010

What's Wrong With The Mainstream September '10 Playist

I found this art here entitled fosil_rock.jpg surely it should be a rock tape!? Anyway, what a perfect image for this month's playlist which is turning in to a bi-monthly event. So here's the best of the past two months, as I can longer use my iPhone in the car without it blowing up (I'm on my third iPhone in three months) I haven't got much comment to go with the tracks as I haven't listened to them as much as I usually do.

The Naked and Famous are releasing this single as a limited edition 7" vinyl via Neon Gold record label and they are starting to make some waves in the UK. Check them out.
MP3: Young Blood - The Naked and Famous 

Dead Sons new band who have a mature sound that reveals their past - the five members have been in previous bands,  think The Last Shadow Puppets and you won't be far off. I think I discovered them through Sheffield Music Scene.
MP3: Temptation Pool - Dead Sons

Rock music with a drum machine, Drift Run are tipped for big things.
MP3: Addiction - Drift Run

The Vaccines are another band just making their way in to the big wide music world but have previous form within their ranks.
MP3: If You Wanna - The Vaccines

I don't remember where I read it but I'm told that Jay Jay Pistolet is in The Vaccines, he used to go it alone with his acoustic guitar.
MP3: Hooked Up On Us - Jay Jay Pistolet

Philadelphia Grand Jury or the Philly J's as their promoter, I'm assuming fondly, refers to them are doing pretty well in the southern hemisphere and are nominated for the AIR Awards (Australian Independent Records). We've been going on about them for a while on this blog. Are you readers enjoying their music? Let us know, just click on the comments link at the bottom of the post.
MP3: Save Our Town - Philadelphia Grand Jury

I've written an article for next month's Sheffield Music Scene about their new single Littlest Pleasures, it's coming out the end of October. In the meantime enjoy the b-side from the band that describe themselves as Unbelievably Russian with Romantically Sinister Tendency”.
MP3: Lights Out - Kalenko

This track really reminds me of The Levellers, I especially like the marching beat drumming throughout. This is a different track from the one I posted by The 48ks earlier in the month.
MP3: Falling Down - The 48ks

Catchy, geeky, pop music. Nuff said...
MP3: Things I Shouldn't Tell You - Cancel The Astronauts

Sounds like Marina and the Diamonds, getting lots of radio attention in the UK.
MP3: Prisoner - The Good Natured

This track really gets in with the rhythm of your heart with vocals that go at the same pace. The Spies have a dark, sinister name, this track might just match that name.
MP3: You've Got Some Nerve - The Spies

Tomorrow sees the Walk The Line Festival kick in to gear for its second year and I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of quality acts gracing the festival. First off are The Strange Death of Liberal England. These are quite a find, I was introduced to them through a video of their current single Rising Sea. While I'm not able to bring you that track as a download, the band have given me another nautical themed track that I'm pretty confident equally shows off their prowess.
MP3: Lighthouse - The Strange Death of Liberal England

Last of all is Luke Leighfield. He has a great picture on his MySpace of him looking geeky surrounded by some fit young ladies. Made me smile. Anyway back to his music, bit of a self confessed Ben Folds fan as far as I can work out. This is the title track from his album which you can get free from his bandcamp site. Sounds good to me Luke...
MP3: Have You Got Heart? - Luke Leighfield


Schönberg said...

I want the Police Presents password so I can download some of these cool toons! Give it to us Jal!!

Jal said...

Thanks Schonberg, links should be now fixed, no password required...