Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Glasvegas back with new track and album

Thanks to Music of the Moment for the tip off that Glasvegas are back and ready to release a new album in April. If that wasn't enough they're giving us a track off the album for free. You can stream The World Is Yours below or download it from the Glasvegas web site. I've got a feeling Schonberg is going to be very excited and this will certainly be bought as part of his New Year Resolution n'est pas?

The World Is Yours by glasvegas

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention the new album by The Strokes, Angles is going to be released on March 21st in the UK and on the 22nd in the States.


Schönberg said...

The Strokes stuff sounds like a return to form. Not sure about Glasvegas yet, I worry that they won't have moved on much in the three years since their debut

Jal said...

I've not heard The Strokes new stuff yet, I'll hunt it down. Three years is a long time away, hopefully they'll have experienced new things that add to their music.