Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Year's Resolution - Update

So I've gone whole heartedly in to this album buying thing. I've got two already and another in the post. I was discussing this resolution with my good friend and sometime contributor Dancing Bear at the weekend. He's all for positive New Year's Resolution eg. do more of x rather than do less of y. Saying that I think his resolution is to drink more Whisky...

Anyway back to the albums, I've bought Vampire Weekend's Contra having posted Horchata off the album back in '09 so I'm not sure that counts and my second album is Two Door Cinema Club's Tourist History. Which again you eagle-eyed people may have noticed I posted about them back in January 2009 although the album was released in 2010. Anyway at least I'm cracking on. How are the albums? Contra is a great summer album sadly it's frosty where I am so it seems out of place. I'm only a few listens in so that's all I'm committing to. Tourist History is currently getting the most plays and is bossing the speakers at the moment. More updates soon.

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