Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Big Country

On holiday in a foreign land (OK, it was only Wales) and I could hear a track getting played over and over again. I looked up and saw it was coming from a wild west style shooting game. I wandered over and really liked the tune, I couldn't quite place it but knew I recognised it. Could Shazam identify a tune out of a pay and play game? It sure could. The theme tune from The Big Country became the theme to my holiday. You've probably heard it from many adverts.


Chris Phillips said...

Check out MC Tunes and 808 State's The Only Rhyme That Bites. Also - Atomic Kitten I Want Your Love.

John Lamb said...

HI Chris, thank you for the comment I finally got chance to check those out, I'll listen further to 808's effort but I'm not sure either have made the most of the track. Someone will do a better effort than that.