Saturday, 25 April 2015

Death Cab For Cutie

It's not often that I find a band in their infancy, become a firm fan and watch them go on to greatness. That is certainly the case with Death Cab For Cutie - I've come rather late to their party! Well, a couple of new songs from them appearing in the 'New Music Tuesday' playlist on Spotify caught my attention.

Firstly, Little Wanderer

and then No Room In Frame

Both really good tracks which got me really excited for their imminent new album Kintsugi. My interest was further stoked by delving into their back-catalogue. Their last album Codes and Keys is a belter as exemplified by the opening track Home Is A Fire

and Some Boys

So ... I went back another album - more great stuff, for instance, I Will Follow You Into The Dark

All boding very well for the new release ... which came out a couple of weeks ago ... and after all the anticipation ended up disappointing me slightly, and making me glad I'd listed on Spotify first before just buying it.

BUT, as is often the case, I was a bit hasty with my judgement and there's actually nothing wrong with the album. There's not a bad song on it in fact - it just doesn't dazzle.

I'm going to get to know them a bit more and will really enjoy doing so though.

This is the kind of thing I like finding - a great band with a quality back-catalogue that I'm not aware of.

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