Friday, 29 April 2016

3WTM April 2016 Playlist

The three of us (Chris, Neil and John) chose five songs that we've been enjoying and share them for each other and readers to enjoy. Comments always welcome as to which ones you've enjoyed and which ones you haven't, reasons why not compulsory. This month's playlist as always is available to stream. Check it out at Apple or Spotify.

Bend with the Wind – Exmagician – Scan the Blue

I think Belfast duo Exmagician are fairly new to the scene, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the album ‘Scan the Blue’. This particular track features an unusual time signature which is either 11/4 or alternating bars of 6/4 and 5/4 – see if you can keep track of the ‘11’ beats. Aside from that, it’s a great track too.

Far Away – Junip – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Soundtrack)

You’ve guessed it – I heard this track whilst watching the aforementioned film. I really liked it and had to Shazam it. When it turned out to be a Swedish Folk-Rock outfit, it ticked several boxes on my list of things I seem to like. Looking into it now – I see that the singer is none other than José González. I did then download their latest album and it may have featured in one of my ‘Reviews with a View’ on Strava, but I didn’t like the songs as much as this one.

I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore – Lucy Dacus – No Burden

Another new artist from Richmond (the lack of further qualification probably signifies that it’s in London). A great track – I think which will be up both Neil and John’s streets. I’ve been wrong on that score before though. I can’t remember much more about the album though, but I imagine it’s much in the same vein.

Düsseldorf – Teleman – Brilliant Sanity

Another track from an album which featured on ‘Review with a View’. I have decided that I should have a rating system for how much a band sounds like either Franz Ferdinand, Semisonic, or The Velvet Underground as I have found myself often using these as reference points. Well this song would have a Franz score of 4/5 for the music and a Semi score of 4/5 for the vocal. Vocals and music get 1/5 as a Velvet score. This is my favourite track from their (second) album.

The Last Thing On My Mind – The Joy Formidable – Hitch

The online review I’ve just read of this album laments on how their third album fails to deliver on the promise built by the previous two, but having not heard the previous two, I’m in no position to be disappointed, and instead am very pleased with it. I’m a bit nervous about listening to their earlier stuff now.

John's choices:

Happy - Misty Miller

I'm never sure when I post songs whether everyone is aware of them and it's just me who has finally become aware of them. This song falls in to that category as it's so good surely other people know about it? Misty ticks so many boxes, she's from Wimbledon (my mate supports AFC Wimbledon), she came to prominence playing the ukulele (just like Neil) and she cites Velvet Underground as an influence (and we already know how much Chris likes them).

Trouble on Oxford Street - Skinny Lister

If the last track was one I thought Neil would like then this is the opposite but how could I not include it with lyrics like "It went off like Krakatoa, Like Rocky Balboa". A bit ska/folk like it reminds me of Parka who featured on this blog in the past. Released as a single last year it's taken from the six piece's second album. They're based in London.

No Flavour - Phobophobes

Another band from London and I've been enjoying this track over the past month or so.
I've been listening to this one for a while and I'm excited to share this psychedelic rock track from this band showing real promise. 

Rebel - Louis Berry

Found via Spotify's Discover feature, this soulful number is not by the first African American to practice law in a segregated city in Central Louisiana (you recognised the name too?). This is Louis from Liverpool and he's got quite a bit to say and quite a swagger. I've got a feeling we might here more from him.

Trust Me I'm A Genius - The Family Rain

I'm way too late to this party as this is a 2012 release from a band hailing from Bath. However I'm not proud or a music snob, if a songs got to be played, it's got to be played. This is one of those rock, stomping tracks.

Neil's Choices (words by John):

Woke up Hurting by Frightened Rabbit

This Scottish band originally from Selkirk still feel pretty fresh to me despite having been around since 2003. This track is taken from their 2016 album Painting of a Panic Attack

Under the Sun by DIIV

Formed in Brooklyn in 2011 DIIV are now on to their second album and this is one of four singles taken from the album.

Walk among the Cobras by Dan Sartain

Dan featued on the blog back in 2009 with Replacement Man and recently supported World Record Store Day with this released on 7".

Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic by Slug

Slug were formed in Sunderland in 2014 by Ian Black, former member of Field Music. Their EP is available to download now.

Jessica by NZCA Lines

NZCA Lines is the one man band Michael Lovett created as his alter ego. Formerly of a rock pop outfit he's taken a new direction with this manifestation. 

1 comment:

Chris Phillips said...

My thoughts on the tracks:

Happy – Misty Miller
I really like this – it doesn’t ask a huge amount from you – but gives a whole lot to you. 4.3/5

Trouble on Oxford Street – Skinny Lister
I like this too – it reminds me a bit of other things you’ve chosen in the past, and I think I might include Larrikin Love in that. 4.2/5

No Flavour – Phobophobes
For a start, I like the name Phobophobes. The song is OK, but just seems a bit slow and steady to me. I’m going for 3.7/5

Rebel – Louis Berry
Interesting rhythm to the riff – hard to pick up exactly where the beat is, until everything is playing all together – I like songs with that kind of quirkiness. Other than that, this is another solid rock song. 4.1/5

Trust Me … I’m a Genius – The Family Rain
Now this makes me think of Jack White in style. It’s very short! Good though – 4.2/5

Woke up Hurting – Frightened Rabbit
Good song – steady – quite a bit of production has gone into it – something Neil’s not usually too keen on, but I like. 4.2/5

Under the Sun – DIIV
For some reason, this makes me think of ‘Go’ by Public Service Broadcasting (I bet I the tempo is the same). I really like it. There’s maybe a bit of The Cure in there, a bit of New Order. 4.3/5

Walk Among the Cobras, Pt 1 – Dan Sartain
A bit of Van Morrison now, ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ – well maybe not quite. 3.8/5

Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped In Plastic – SLUG
Interesting. Interesting enough to make me want to go off and check the album out. There’s all sorts going on here, and all packed into a song less than 3 minutes. 4.5/5

Jessica – NZCA Lines
Where has this come from? A breakneck change in style, and again a song with oddles of production. 4.1/5