Wednesday, 1 June 2016

3WTM May 2016 Playlist

Hey another month and another 15 tracks for you to stream. Check them out on Spotify and Apple Music.

Chris's Contributions

1. RCVR (feat. Debbie Gibson) – Big Black Delta – Trágame Tierra
I don’t know much about Big Black Delta, but Trágame Tierra is a great album many great tracks, and quite varied in style. OK – so a quick read on Wikipedia reveals that Big Black Delta is a solo project of Jonathan Bates (vocalist/bassist from Mellowdrone) and that this is his second album. RCVR was released in October – if you vaguely like it, it might well worth be checking out the whole album.
2. Baby Move On – The Hosts – Moon
Well right from the off, this reminds me of Roy Orbison/Travelling Wilburys. Oh – and they’re from Sheffield. This is their second album, which is full of tracks which sound very much like the kind of stuff Richard Hawley writes.
3. Victoria – Beverly – The Blue Swell
What? Another second album! You better believe it. This is another good album and I could have chosen any of a number of tracks – in the end, I went for Victoria which seems fairly representative and is a nice simple, catchy song.
4. Burn The Witch – Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
I’ll state my position on Radiohead – along with many other people, I loved the first three albums. Kid A was then one hell of a curve ball and I put in quite a lot of effort to get to like it, and eventually did. I didn’t then follow up that amount of effort with subsequent albums – they’d gone too far adrift for my liking. So, when news of an imminent new track reached me, I was a little indifferent, but curious. Curious enough to buy it on the day it came out, and this was it. I love it. I love the quality of the sound. As for the album, I get on much better with than with anything else since Kid A and have listened to it a few times now. It asks a bit from the listener, but that’s good.
5. 1985 – Haken – Affinity
I’ve had to put a track from the new Haken album. There are pretty much my new favourite band, but that is based mainly on their superb last album (The Mountain) and the Restoration EP they put out over a year ago (I have discussed the superb 19-minute song – Crystallised - from that on this blog previously). I have chosen this track as perhaps the most accessible to people – unfortunately, it’s 9 minutes long and perhaps doesn’t belong on the playlist, but the shorter songs aren’t quite as listenable to as this one. This track does vary enough to maintain your interest. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of prog anyway, honest.
Neil's Contributions

Stone Roses - All for One
Ok, so it's not 'I am the Resurrection', but every time it comes on the radio I get a little excited. Doesn't deserve all the criticism it has received, it's still a good rock song.

Michael Kiwanuka - Black Man in a White World
Proof that if you hear something enough times then it will stick. Not my cup of tea at all but catchy and melodic.

Fujiya & Miyagi - Serotonin Rushes
I've no idea who these guys are, but I'm led to believe they've been around for a long time. This is very cool, and sort of ideal for the build up to Summer. Great bass.

Lindstrøm - Closing Shot
Again, another pre-Summer barbeque sound. Sounds like Todd Terje and Daft Punk wrestling in a duvet.

The Coral - Holy Revelation
It's just a very good indie pop song.

John's Contributions

Come As You Are - Prep School (Nirvana Cover)
Used on an advert for a video game it can seem a bit of a slow starter but bursts in to life at the end. Stick with it.

Gold Laces - Junius Meyvant
"Icelandic Best Newcomer" and what a great voice. He's playing three dates in the UK in September, Manchester, Glasgow and BRISTOL! The little Louisiana. I think I might go along.

Race of Life - Vangoffey
Neil introduced us to Vangoffey the other month and I followed the trail to this excellent track. Enjoy.

There's A Storm Coming - Richard Hawley
Not sure how I came across this track but it's just beautiful.

Rock N Roll Friend - Patsy's Rats
Like Gold Laces, this fell in to my inbox and I thought Neil would like it. Let's hope I'm right.

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Chris Phillips said...

My thoughts on Neil's and John's tracks:

Stone Roses ... If you let yourself accept that they have written a track for mass appeal, rather than to recapture themselves at their best, then you can start to enjoy this. I am actually getting to like it more each time I listen. I'll give it 4/5

Michael Kiwanuka ... Very catchy, good vibe 4/5

Fujiya & Miyagi ... I should imagine that this is a good song to run to, I'm going with 3.7/5

Lindstrom ... I'm OK with electronic music, but sometimes it develops too slowly for me, and this is verging towards that territory. I haven't skipped it yet, but I don't think I'd put it on any of my playlists in the future. It reminds me in places of Public Service Broadcasting (well the space album they did, and that's all I know of them). 3.7/5

The Coral ... I'm glad they've featured twice because their latest album is a cracker. It's a far cry from 'Dreaming of You' territory and has quite a variation of styles, but definitely indie rock as it should be. 4.3/5

Prep School ... A really good cover which takes the song in a completely different direction - very atmospherically and thoughtfully done. 4.2/5

Junius Meyvant - OK, a bit too ploddy really, but again I haven't skipped it yet 3.7/5

Vangoffey - I have enjoyed listening to this 4.3/5

Richard Hawley - I haven't listened to a huge amount of Richard Hawley stuff, but this is squarely in line with what I have heard. I like it, but I wouldn't want to listen to huge amounts of it. I see him at Forge Dam café every now and then (not to talk to, in case that's how it reads). Again, maybe a bit too sedate a pace, but still good. Good build at the end. 3.9/5

Patsy's Rats - I really like this. It puts me a bit in mind of 'Crash' by The Primitives. I said to Neil that it sounded a bit like a Disney rock band. I'm going with 4.2/5 though.

Good stuff guys ... look forward to June.