Monday, 30 November 2009

Lonely Tormentor - The Backhanded Compliments

Formed by two former members of Milburn and again you can tell. Obviously they all had a real passion for music, to be able to keep the enthusiasm going after having one crack at it. I hope they do well, there was obviously talent in Milburn, who brought it to the table I don't know. Maybe them all but it just didn't mix right, maybe.


Michael said...

hey buddy, do you have the other songs from the backhanded compliments ep? if so it would really make my day if you could post links to them. because atm i can't BUY the thing

Michael said...

oh yeah thanks for the link and all that

Jal said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment, I've not been ignoring you I have just been trying to find the time to search for the tracks. Sadly I just have the track I posted, I think I got it from Sheffield Music Scene. Perhaps you could contact them? Sorry I can't help more.