Tuesday, 6 July 2010

School of Seven Bells

There's something magical and maybe even slightly mythical about identical twins. So many people dress the same and act the same that we often forget how individual we are until we see identical twins. It's no surprise then that Alejandra and Claudia Deheza produce quite unique music, the drive for identical looking people to create something unique must be quite high. Formely in a band called On! Air! Library! they met other band member Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines when they were all supporting Interpol. They named themselves after a mythical (there's that word again) South American pickpocket training academy. If all the above hasn't got you interested in hearing what they sound like I haven't done my job properly.

I'm lucky enough to have been sent the album to preview and I will come to that when I've given it the proper attention it deserves however you can listen to it yourselves as they are streaming it on their website now and you can preorder the album if you like it. It's out on July 13th. To give you a taster here's a quality track that I know already deserves your attention.

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