Thursday, 8 July 2010

Young Heretics - Risk/Loss

Whatever it is that keeps making me think of Garbage (the band) when I listen to Young Heretics is not a bad thing. I'd describe them as a Garbage for 2010 but I don't think the comparison is that close. Perhaps it's just her voice but I like it and I don't tend to steer towards many female voices. To describe their sound they have piano and strings but a heavier sound too. Bones of a Rabbit (which I've been sitting on a while, sorry) sounds a bit like a track that just got missed off the Matrix soundtrack. It's a bit lighter than the tracks on the soundtrack but could equally sit beside them in another film. I might post Bones of a Rabbit if I get clearance for it (Krissy?).

They're currently touring Australia if that happens to be in your neck of the woods.


H&S said...

ive been 'following' them since i heard the stellar 'The Lost Loves'. i think we can download their album from their website (at least we could..)
ps: not So sure about the matrix think ^^

Jal said...

Hi Hype and Sick,

Thanks for passing by and commenting. I'll have a look at their web site.