Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Something a bit different

boyChild is lucky, I left his tunes on Soundcloud playing again and again. Normally I would have killed this track after one play but I didn't. I'm not sure boyChild will actually feel that lucky just because I like his track and am sharing it with you guys but here goes anyway. It's an instrumental piece, a dark piano track with, wait for it, more programmed drums. This isn't the way I intend to head with this blog it's just what's popping up in my inbox at the moment. Adding the strings and it's something you find yourself depressed with and enjoying at the same time.

MP3: Salad Days - boyChild


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I think this is too ambient. I listened intently for 60 seconds then my interest waned in favour of twitter. Some jazz flute would sort this record out :)

Jal said...

It's a fair comment, I was thinking more cowbell but each to their own. As I said in my bit of blurb it's something I would normally have skipped over but after a few listens I got in to it. Perhaps it just suited my mood at the time.