Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Something Special from Sheffield

I spent a lot of time on Wednesday searching for a Sheffield band that I could get behind. I got frustrated by a lot of mediocre bands that hadn't found their sound yet. A lot of the demo quality music I listened to offered nothing new, in fact they didn't even offer a good version of old stuff. Eventually I came across a band I liked but then I couldn't get you a track cleared for posting, on I searched. Some time later and much later than I planned to be still looking I came across Driftrun. This four piece from South Yorkshire add a touch of drum and bass (yep, the description nearly put me off too) to the traditional guitar sound and show how mixing genres can work. If you've been reading this blog for a while I would describe their sound a bit like Humaniser, a Manc band with an electronic influence. I got in touch with the band and thankfully Chris Goodyear, the guy behind some of the vocals, guitar and in charge of programming, got back in touch with this track, my favourite off their MySpace. Addiction moves on at a fair lick, the vocals from lead singer Rich Gill are Richard Ashcroft esq at time and it has a real fast driving song feel to it. Comments are always appreciated.

Driftrun's coming up adventures:

"30th August - weston party - an outdoor music event being put on by us featuring seven Sheffield acts including us.
2nd October - headlining mainstage at corperation
6th November - O2 academy - charity gig"

MP3: Addiction - Driftrun

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